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Does Daniel Ezra play soccer or did he learn by joining “All American”?


There are stories that stick and they’re so good (in a bad way or in a good way) that we see them turned into TV shows. This is the case for the CW All American.

Inspired by the true story of former football star Spencer Paysinger, series star Daniel Ezra makes transformation into an athlete easy, but does he play football? Here is what we know.

All American first premiered in 2018 and it became a surprise hit. Although it is based on a true story, the TV show takes creative liberties and it is not a true story. In the show, Daniel delivers a compelling performance of Spencer James, the character based on Spencer Paysinger.

Does Daniel Ezra play football?

Just like medical dramas, sports-based TV shows can be separated if they are not close to real life. Soccer is more than just throwing and kicking around an oddly shaped ball, and that means the games in the game on the TV show need to be as realistic as possible.

Track and field isn’t easy, and while it would be ideal to hire an actor who is really good at football, it’s probably very hard to find. So producers and showrunners often move on to the next best thing.

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In this case, it was Daniel Ezra, a British TV star who had never played American football before. But he’s already athletically built and can fake it until he does to some extent. Based on an interview with Media village, Daniel worked a lot before the show aired.

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“I got out early to be the pilot, so I practiced almost every day,” he recalls. “They also put me on a fitness regimen and a strict diet. I thought it was a little easy to do given that I knew how to do it, and my dad is actually a fitness trainer, but for the pilot I would wake up around 4am to go to the gym , then head for the plateau.

Source: The CW

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Does Daniel have a stuntman on ‘All American’?

The fact that football on TV is not the same as football in a real professional game helps Daniel’s performance. Instead of playing strategically using skill and practice, Daniel’s soccer games on the TV show are all choreographed.

“The real stars of the show are the guys who design the football games,” he said. “These are not only games, they are also characters [on the show]. “The choreographers of All American, just as we would see in dance or fight scenes in other movies and TV shows, mark every move, and it’s Daniel’s job to “dance” the parts. And it helps to keep the soccer show and games as accurate as possible.

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“Everyone wants football to be as precise as possible” Daniel noted, “so we spend a lot of time in the field.” It helps that Daniel also has a stuntman to deal with the tedious and maybe a little more involved scenes.

“I have an incredible brace that makes half the plays for me,” Daniel told Media village. “So I’m gonna run it, he’s gonna run it, and we get the best of both.”

All American Airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.