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Doctor Breaks Down Medical Inaccuracies From MCU Movies


Everyone knows movies take liberties with their depictions of doctors, but how inaccurate are they when it comes to the MCU?

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While Marvel studiosMCU movies embrace the fantastic elements of comics, an interesting and endlessly entertaining by-product of movies that increasingly strive for realism is the growing trend by experts in a given field to point out exactly what these movies do. wrong. Hollywood has certainly come a long way since the days when chocolate syrup was thrown on a guy’s costume to look like blood, to the point that it’s not uncommon for movie effects are almost indistinguishable from real life. But with great ambition come great criticism, and sometimes these attempts at realism completely miss the mark.


Movies are an extension of reality, so it makes sense that they often try to recreate familiar situations from reality in an attempt to increase audience immersion. The point is that almost every possible discipline, from real archeology to the most obscure hobbies, has its own group of experts. So when a movie or show tries to portray a small part of the life these work virtuosos have carved out for themselves, it’s only natural that some are more than happy to point out any inaccuracies they see. Just ask any member of the marching band to watch Battery line to see the fireworks fly.

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Today’s entry into the world of experts saying “wrong” a bunch of times comes from the medical field. Unlike other more anticipated calls, such as fight experts criticizing fight scenes in movies and on TV, this particularly interesting video shows what several Marvel Studios films are wrong (and right) in their displays. on screen of various medical scenes. Courtesy of YouTuber Dr Mikhail “Doctor Mike” Varshavski DO, viewers get a surprisingly easy-to-digest review and explanation of many common misconceptions about medicine.

Varshavski touches on a number of Marvel films, including Thor, Iron Man, Captain America: The First Avenger, and Doctor strange in his short quest to enlighten the cinephile public. Breaking down multiple scenes so that the average viewer can fully understand his intentions, he offers insightful and entertaining glimpses of what he and his colleagues see when their profession is portrayed on the big screen.

Interestingly, however, it doesn’t just cover the things movies do wrong for sheer entertainment. It also explains what happens in certain scenes while also highlighting the elements that are actually well done. For example, as he ends the video with a good-humored “freakout” over another movie using defibrillator paddles in a situation they don’t belong, he also made sure to explain why it made sense. to inject the Supersoldier Serum into Steve’s Serum. muscles in Captain America.

This is an informative and at times hilarious video that helps the public understand just how different real world medicine is from what we see in most media. Hopefully, this results in at least one less audience member onscreen shouting “Just use the paddles!” “

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Source: Doctor Mike / YouTube

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