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Disney+ Episode 4 “Moon Knight” Review “The Tomb”


Episode 4 review

The fourth episode of Moon Knight continues the saga in Egypt in “The Tomb” after Khonshu’s act of moving the stars in the sky. With this act, the episode segues directly into his punishment at the hands of fellow Egyptian god Osiris where Khonshu is led into a vault after altering the sky in an effort to prevent Harrow. Still, that doesn’t derail the overriding purpose of the trip to Egypt as Layla, Spector, and Steven Grant continue to search for the location of Ammit’s tomb. Using Steven’s expertise in Egyptian mythology and presumably astronomy, the trio locate the tomb and proceed through the maze within.

In the maze, the trio stumbled upon the tomb and its accompanying maze, but also brought Harrow and his followers. During this confusing navigation, it is revealed that there are zombie-like creatures and/or mummies lurking in the shadows waiting to dispatch intruders and disturbances. During these ongoing chases, Layla and Grant are separated from each other and the two encounter some very distinct new story elements.

Grant eventually lands on a tomb inside and deciphers the hieroglyphics on the sarcophagus to reveal Ammit’s final avatar. Mixing a bit of theory with history, Grant’s work leads him to the conclusion that Alexander the Great stands before him and is the last, in fact the last avatar of Ammit.

Meanwhile, Layla stumbles across a chasm in the maze and narrowly escapes the mummies chasing her. In front of her stands Harrow. Harrow reveals some juicy details about her family background and the connection to her future ex-husband Marc. Layla’s father was an Egyptian archaeologist named Abdallah El-Faouly who was mysteriously murdered with the surviving daughter’s reasoning and action unknown. Harrow, apparently ready to cause dissension and mischief, informs the lonely girl that Marc’s past as a mercenary in reality has already crossed paths with her father, which he has denied. Also, Layla learns of the allegation that Marc is the direct cause of her father’s death.

After this other side of the story, Spector and Grant conclude their work with Ammit’s tomb by taking possession of the shabti while Layla returns to the dual personality superhero. She confronts her two men about the salacious allegation she was told about, which Spector vehemently denies and explains that his mercenary partner carried out the murderous act against his father, the other diggers, and himself, which led Khonshu to revive Spector and take him as his avatar. In the midst of this explanation, Harrow closes in on the trio with Layla seeking safety through the power of the ushabti while Harrow shoots Spector/Grant and the viewer is left without much explanation.

Yet the episode does not end on this cliffhanger but rather drags it further. Spector and Grant wake up in a hospital, the two now being sentient beings of their own and trying to remember the last action they remember before hearing a loud bang from a nearby sarcophagus where another ancient Egyptian figure, i mean hippopotamus, emerge.

This episode definitely took the Moon Knight series to its next level in its dynamic storytelling. For one thing, it’s the first chance to provide a little behind-the-scenes insight into the character’s past, whether it’s Ammit’s latest avatar being Alexander the Great or Spector giving a tidbit about his whereabouts. the day Layla’s father died and her origin as a Khonshu. avatar. While the latter may not be the truth, it demonstrates that the series will attempt to kick the book off at the viewer by giving them the opportunity to learn more about these characters and what brought them to this point. in the last two episodes.

Additionally, the final footage from the fourth episode provides the series with a unique opportunity and showcase for the phenomenal Oscar Isaac. While he brilliantly toyed with the idea of ​​split personality in the first four episodes, the remaining two in the series will provide the actor with an opportunity as Tom Hardy in Legend where he gets to portray two distinct characters and personalities in the same aspect ratio of a cinematic experience. I imagine the on-screen dynamics and mannerisms of the two will be even more visible for comedic and dramatic effect while further rooting audiences in this wild mythological ride that Disney+ and Marvel Studios intend to take them on.

Rating: 9.0/10