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Demons 3 Director Gives Scoop on Film’s Social Commentary


1985 demonsfrom Italian horror producer Dario Argento and director Lamberto Bava, has often served as the next stop for American genre fans who want to delve deeper into the dark realm of grizzly demonic terror after getting a taste of the stuff from movies like The Exorcist and diabolical death. The Italian take on this unique horror subgenre was perhaps the funniest with its pop music soundtracks, social commentary and self-referential nods to film and media as a form of prophecy and doom. . “They will make the cemeteries their cathedrals and the cities will be your tombs.” remains one of the boldest catchphrases of any film of the era.


While the films were clearly inspired by William Friedkin and Sam Raimi’s approach to limitless demonic cinema, the Italian films stand out for allowing a much more literal take on the concept, offering three distinct stages of demonic transformation where the end, we have otherworldly creatures (sometimes with wings) bursting out of the human body, wreaking havoc on humans with rabid, bloody glee. That combined with Italian cinematic sensibilities that allow for more dreamy logic and gonzo flair, the demons movies are really special. For horror aficionados, they hold a distinguished place on the genre’s mantle, with the third entry in the series presenting a suitably bizarre rabbit hole of movie discovery. It’s like a creative bomb has gone off, and Demons 3 has been scattered in various pockets across Italian horror cinema.

Geretta Geretta

Shortly after finishing Demons 2Lamberto Bava, son of famed filmmaker Mario Bava, has been commissioned to direct a number of horror feature films for an Italian television series titled Turno di notte (night shift), with Lamberto’s entries called Brivido Giallo. These features were later repackaged and sold internationally, with different titles depending on the region. The Ogre, a movie about a monster in the cellar, been double Demons 3 in some countries. However, another episode titled Disruption of the cemetery actually approximates the atmosphere of a demons film with returning actors and a similar dreamlike approach to horror. A 1991 Italian zombie film titled black demons, about a group of former slaves returning from the grave, was also sold as Demons 3.

an official Demons 3 the screenplay was developed under the direction of Michele Soavi (who played the money-masked ghoul handing out tickets at the start of demons). However, the film was reworked and renamed the church, because Soavi saw an opportunity to create something unique with his own artistic signature. Yet obvious tropes of demons movies are present in the film, helping to propel the status of this ghostly episode into a kind of supernatural realm of macabre creativity.

demon dreams

Bobby Rhodes

Fans called a movie titled evil clutch who stars Demons 2 Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni (who played Sally) as having Demons 3 vibes, with the movie having clear evil Dead inspiration. Soavi’s movie, The sect from 1991, about a satanic cult, was sold in some territories as demons 4. Piling on the weirdness, Lamberto’s 1990 film Mask of Satan was sold as Demons 5, which opens with a group of skiers stuck in an arctic cave and discovering a similar metallic mask of evil, leading to more dreamlike horror.

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More recently, Arrow Video released a special edition of the two originals demons films that included a two-part comic book insert called Demons 3which delved back into Nostradamus’ prophecy of “the coming of demons”, continuing to fuel the burning question who is, what is Demons 3? With no end in sight to this bizarre cinematic dilemma, Geretta Geretta, who played Rosemary in Demons (and ranked among Playboy top 10 Scream Queens), plans to provide the final answer with a new entry, currently listed in IMDB as Untitled Project Lamberto Bava/Geretta Geretta. We caught up with Geretta to provide her with exclusive insight into this highly anticipated work.

Geretta Geretta directing

Gerreta Gerreta in Demons 1985

Famous for one of the most gruesome monster transformations in 80s horror history, Geretta’s performance Geretta is one of the franchise’s highlights. Rosemary is a truly nightmarish demon who has done for movie theaters what Jaws made for the ocean. Her demonic form pushes the horror dial to eleven, which is why it’s no surprise she’s become the face of the brand over the years, appearing in documentaries and horror conventions to share his experiences with the Italian film industry. Her unique presence as an African-American horror icon made famous by Italian cinema makes the actress-turned-director the most suitable person to helm this truly unique project.

Covid having impacted the film’s initial schedule, Geretta hopes to be in production sometime in 2023. The cast and crew includes a slew of horror veterans, including Bill Moseley, Linea Quigley and Mark Steger from stranger things. With original composers Simon Boswell and Claudio Simonetti set to score the film, horror fans can rest assured Geretta is looking to truly recapture the vibe of the original. demons films while also bringing some completely unique new twists to the collaboration. With Lamberto Bava set to co-produce and already providing script notes to boost the kill count, Geretta is sure to deliver something special to fans who are excited to return to the nightmare once again. Setting the film in New Orleans with plans to explore the city’s Underground Railroad history is another aspect of Geretta’s approach to the material that seems absolutely fascinating.

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Geretta on the Untitled project:

“The script has about ten years in the making. At the time, I was living in Los Angeles where a friend and I developed the concept around a group of tourists trapped in a tour bus. The film would be mostly outdoor locations , what sets it apart Once I moved to New Orleans things really started to come together with all the history of the underground railroad and the tunnel systems under the city once used by the homosexuals on the run to escape arrest when their clubs were raided and career-ending arrests were made My people, enslaved, also told the story, whispered to each generation our ways of evacuation, our tunnels – having to hide and go underground. I still wasn’t sure, and then the George Floyd incident happened. An “arrest” that resulted in his murder in broad daylight, an horror that amazed the world. a question; what makes someone see YOU as a “monster” and what makes someone else become that monster? I knew it was a sign that the direction of social commentary I was moving towards was right on point. He was always present in Italian films with punks, blacks, whites, kids, etc. Our storyline brings a more poignant twist to the material involving pertinent questions about historically marginalized groups of people, particularly within the Black and LGBTQ+ communities. I think people are going to really support it, especially the horror community that I’ve sincerely appreciated over the years.”

Geretta referenced horror streaming service Shudder, which may point to where the film might find a home. In recent years Geretta and Bobby Rhodes have both appeared at Quentin Tarantino’s New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles for special screenings of the original. demons movies. When asked if Bobby could return for the project, it was still up in the air, according to Geretta. With intriguing and socially conscious efforts at work, Geretta is well on her way to giving back to the communities she’s come to love in her hometown of New Orleans, a truly fitting place for ghouls of Italian descent to hang out. are unleashed in the land of the free. .

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