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David Dastmalchian Urges Dune Fans To Read Book Before Seeing Film | Entertainment



David Dastmalchian advised the public to read Frank Herbert’s book before watching “Dune”.

The 44-year-old actor will star in Denis Villeneuve’s long-awaited sci-fi film and urged fans to read the book, as well as watch David Lynch’s original 1984 film, before seeing the new blockbuster which should come out. in October.

David told Screen Rant, “I loved (David Lynch) ‘Dune’ when I saw it as a kid, I thought it was visually so spectacular. There are so many amazing performances in it. Tonally, it’s so fantastic.

“But here’s my recipe and advice to anyone reading this right now: read the book first, right now, because you still have until October for Dune’s release. Let’s call September ‘Dune Book September’ , then we’ll call October ‘Dune Movie October.’

“So you’re going to read the book, and then you’re going to go see Denis’ version of the film on IMAX the weekend it hits theaters. And then there are actually two other adaptations that were made, as well as ‘one that has almost been completed. “

The ‘Ant-Man’ actor continued, “I would recommend watching David Lynch, I would recommend watching the Syfy series, then watching Jodorowsky’s documentary ‘Dune’. This is the order I would recommend, just personally.

“It’s me speaking: read the book, then go see Denis’ movie, and then in November you could do Lynch’s, the Syfy version and Jodorowsky’s documentary ‘Dune’.

“And then we’ll all be authorities on ‘Dune’, and we’ll line up together to have long discussions and debates. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s reactions to what Denis has created. is nothing less than a masterpiece. “