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ComicBook.com’s 2021 Golden Issue Award for Best Animated TV Series


The ComicBook.com Golden Issue Awards celebrate the best in pop culture entertainment of the year, as voted by the staff of ComicBook.com and this year, which includes a new category, Best Animated TV Show, honoring the best animated TV deals in 2021. The rise in the prestige of animation has not only changed the entertainment landscape, but has prompted us to recognize these series as a separate category to celebrate their unique achievements and contributions. The first-year nominees represent a diverse group that reflects just how rich the offerings are: Esoteric, Amazon Prime Invincible, Adult swimming Rick and morty, Paramount + Star Trek: Lower Bridges, and Disney + Star Wars: Visions. It’s also an area that’s split equally between the dramatic and the comedic, so it’s only fitting that the winner offers viewers a lot of both. And the winner of ComicBook.com’s 2021 Golden Issue Award for Best Animated TV Show is …


From Amazon, Invincible is the acclaimed adaptation of the Skybound Entertainment comic book of the same name by Robert Kirkman. The series, from Kirkman and artists Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley, ran from 2003 to 2018 at Image Comics and gained a reputation as a clever, character-driven, unrestricted superhero comic book. This fan favorite sensibility spread widely on the TV show.

Beginning with a huge twist and two solid minutes of shocking violence in the series premiere, Invincible immediately established itself as a perfect companion to Amazon’s hugely popular live-action series The boys. With Steven Yeun, JK Simmons and Sandra Oh, Invincible focuses on Mark Grayson, the son of the superhero Omni-Man, who discovers a sobering truth about his father and it’s an all-changing revelation when, in season one, he realizes his father is the tip of the spear of an alien invading force rather than the hero he always believed he was.

While all of this is happening, Mark must try to figure out how to build the next generation of superheroes, after most of the earth’s mightiest protectors have been “mysteriously” killed, a situation made all the more difficult when the truth behind these deaths is revealed.

Yeun and Simmons deliver some truly formidable and emotionally charged performances throughout the season, culminating in an absolutely devastating finale – both emotionally and in terms of good old-fashioned superhero property damage – the finale. And, thankfully, after such an eventful first season, fans weren’t left behind for what follows: Amazon saw what a great thing they had and renewed the series for a second and third season almost immediately.

Invincible is the rare superhero story that’s both a deconstruction of superhero tropes, and also a fairly accessible entry point that isn’t obsessed with cape comics. With a star-studded cast and truly awesome sources, no one expected Invincible be bad … but it’s hard to imagine a lot of people imagining how awesome that would be.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Invincible for their victory over the Golden Issues.

The nominees for Best Animated TV Series are:

  • Esoteric (Netlix)

  • Invincible (Amazon Prime) WINNER

  • Rick and morty (adult swim)

  • Star Trek: Lower Bridges (Paramount +)

  • Star Wars: Visions (Disney +)