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Clooney and Pitt in new MCU Spider-Man director’s movie


Jon Watts, director of the MCU Spider-Man films, will be directing and writing an upcoming film that will reunite Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

Jon Watts, director of the MCU Spider-Man films, will write and direct an untitled project starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Watts’ next film, Spider-Man: No Path Home, is the next collaboration between Sony and Marvel Studios. The two previous Spider-Man films he made, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home, were a huge critical, public, and box office hit, with both films grossing $ 2 billion worldwide. Marvel Studios has now trusted Watts to lead the next one The Fantastic Four restart the movie.

George Clooney and Brad Pitt have only acted in a few movies together over the years, but have starred in other separate projects for years. Most notably, the pair were in the Oceans trilogy together, where Pitt played the role of Rusty Ryan and Clooney played Danny Ocean. They have also been seen in Burn after reading, which was run by the Coen brothers. Pitt has appeared in films such as Once upon a time … in Hollywood, Se7en, and Silver ball. Clooney has had notable roles in films which include Gravity, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and In the air.

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Now reports say the two Hollywood stars will star in an upcoming Jon Watts film. Borys Kit of Hollywood journalist tweeted the news of this news and also mentions the bidding war taking place on this film. Other details are slim at the moment. Check out Kit’s tweet below:

It’s no surprise that a bidding war is unfolding over this currently untitled project. The names attached are already enough to have potential studios wanting to get their hands on it. Kit mentions that Sony, Lionsgate, Apple and Netflix are all fighting over who gets the rights to it. It makes sense that Sony would want it, not just because of the talent behind it, but because they’ve worked with Watts on all three. Spider Man movies. The details of the movie are very slim at the moment, but all that is known is that it could be two Lone Wolf Fixers doing the same job together. Having starred in acclaimed drama and thriller roles before, this could be another potentially formidable one for Clooney and Pitt.

While not much is known about the film, fans of the attached talent will certainly be excited to see what Watts has to offer. Although the news of George Clooney and Brad Pitt playing in another movie together is pretty exciting in itself. More details on the project and news of who is winning the auction war will likely emerge soon.

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Source: Borys Kit

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