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Christoph Waltz will play Billy Wilder in a new film


Oscar-winning actor Christoph Waltz will play director Billy Wilder in the upcoming film Billy Wilder & Me, an adaptation of a 2020 historical novel.

Oscar-winning actor Christoph Waltz will play Billy Wilder in the next film Billy Wilder and me. It is adapted from the book by Jonathan Coe Mr. Wilder and me, which uses a mix of real and fictional characters. Set in the summer of 1977, the story revolves around a woman who starts working for Wilder and his screenwriter Iz Diamond on a Greek island during the filming of Felt. When she follows Wilder to Germany to continue filming, she finds herself joining him on a memorable journey deep into his family history.

Now, Deadline reports that Django Unchained and Inglourious Basterds star Waltz will take on the lead role in Billy Wilder and me. Stephen Frears is directing the film, while Christopher Hampton wrote the screenplay. Filming is set to begin in Greece, Munich and Paris. Currently, there is no information on the rest of the cast, but those decisions will be made soon.


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Wilder is often considered one of the most gifted and versatile filmmakers in classic Hollywood cinema. His filmography boasts a splendid array of titles, including movies like The apartment, some like it hot, and Sunset Boulevard, who continue to influence budding filmmakers to this day. Casting fellow countryman Waltz could prove an inspired choice. The film has the makings of another Oscar nominee with proven talent involved, as well as Hollywood history. Audiences will no doubt be eager to Billy Wilder and me when it finally hits theaters.

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Source: Deadline

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