Home Movie ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ is the best and worst horror movie

‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ is the best and worst horror movie


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This week:

  • Bring back the diva mess.
  • Still have fun at the movies.
  • The execs, as usual, lost the plot.
  • Excuse me, how many TV shows are there?
  • Will it inspire you to watch the bear?

The Best and Worst Horror Scene of the Year (Same Scene)

I had the chance to see the new horror movie A24 Body Body Body twice with noisy crowds, whose reactions to the film caused the roof of the building to blow off. Well, the second time was in a park in Brooklyn in August, so it blew people’s smelly sweat. Or at least tried. (My sweat persevered.)

It’s a wild movie. During a hurricane, a group of wealthy Gen Z seniors (if I have to live with the absolute hate speech of the ‘geriatric millennium’, then today’s 23-year-olds have to live with that) get together with their boyfriends and girlfriends to get drunk. They’re playing one of those ‘who’s the murderer’ games – also featured in a recent Only murders in the building– except that they keep discovering that people are Actually dying. It’s also very funny.

There’s a scene that played like gangbusters at both screenings I attended, and both times it made me roar with laughter, cringe, moan, and then laugh again. It’s the best and worst scene in the movie. It’s the core of what the film does so well and why it deserves so many accolades, and why it will be considered trash by others. It’s satire, but it’s played straight, because the conversation is both wacky parody and total transcription.

As people are literally dying and blood is everywhere and the risk of being the next to be killed is held in their face via handgun, the group of friends debate ableist language and who is more privileged. , then corrects itself on the anti-woke threats and waged a war over who is the greatest victim. Tucker Carlson just had a back spasm.

It plays hopscotch between absolute brilliance and laziness saturday night live draw so skillfully that in the end, it may just be the scene that makes the movie work.

During the Brooklyn screening, star Rachel Sennott shouted in an introduction that the movie isn’t just scary, it’s exciting, which is a vibe we support. To that end, Lee Pace is there, and he is very tall and very handsome. Possibly the tallest and most beautiful a celebrity has ever been. It’s also the first time, I hate to say it, that I understand the whole story of Pete Davidson. But the excitement is in the tangled web of connections between the girlfriends, and it’s captivating. It’s spectacular that a horror movie is so fun, and so brazen and inclusive.

And if you’re not reading the title of this movie in the style of Megan Thee Stallion rapping “body-ody-ody…” you’re doing it wrong.

The reason I haven’t slept since the 90s

There’s major news this week affecting your streaming services and what you can — and, more pressingly, can’t — watch. This mainly has to do with the merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery, which impacts HBO Max and Discovery+. It’s also why, if you’re unlucky enough to be on Twitter, you’ve seen people tweet things like, “If they cancel _____, they’re dead to me.”

As for new HBO Max shows, they haven’t canceled much. That being said, if you follow someone on Twitter who posted, “If they cancel The two others…and then marry them. They have a lot of taste.

You can read all about it in my colleague Allegra Frank’s fantastic column breaking down the mess. But I want to draw attention to a chart that was released during that wonky earnings call from Warner Bros. Discovery which was supposed to explain the difference between HBO Max and Discovery+, two streaming services that are about to combine.

What is that? The two genres: HBO and Discovery? What is it about Hacks, the stewardess, the other two, Where And just like that… who shouts “male skew”? Did they mean “gay male bias?” Dividing TV content by gender is the most backward strategy I can think of, to the point where I almost wish this company bad luck. The men are from Mars and the women are from Venus and would never subscribe to HBO Max unless Joanna Gaines was there. (She is now!)

This slide, to me, sums up how absolutely stupid conference rooms are when it comes to this nonsense. What’s your favorite “genredom”, readers? I know exactly what that word means and I have my own choice, but you go first.

There are too many shows!

As shows were canceled left and right this week — and other shows looked like they were in danger of ending — I thought about it. little information which slipped under the radar.

I often quote the well-worn statistic of more than 500 scripted shows premiering each year (meaning there are a lot more when you take into account reality TV, docuseries and sports). If this figure was already disconcerting and exhausting, this new one is, for me, validating; now i can tell my therapist a real reason why i can’t sleep.

These things aren’t exactly related – there’s emotion involved – and yet they are. It’s funny to see everyone hysterical about TV shows maybe ending when it’s the same people complaining about there being too many shows in the first place. (These people are me.)

Roar, right?

If you watched the bear, you will know why this photo shoot made me stop working in the middle of the day and take a cold shower. If you haven’t watched the bear, shame on you and maybe these pictures will convince you. Thank you Chef. Chief, Thanks.

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What to skip this week:

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