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Best movies and TV shows to watch on Hulu/Prime Video from April 23-24, 2022


As April 2022 draws to a close, many streaming services are set to lose a significant number of movies and TV shows as licenses expire and a new wave of programming is expected to arrive in May. . From new premieres on Prime Video to titles coming out of it and Hulu, this week offers one last chance to watch many shows on these premium streaming services before they depart for other platforms.

Here are all the biggest and best TV series and movies to binge on Hulu and Prime Video this month, with many titles set to leave their respective digital platforms for the foreseeable future.

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A very British scandal makes its big American debut

With UK franchises like The crown and Downton Abbey finding a large audience in the United States, the appeal of English historical dramas on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean is undeniable. Fan-favorite actors Claire Foy and Paul Bettany team up for drama miniseries A very British scandal, and it’s finally available to stream in America via Prime Video. And for those looking for the perfect show to fill the Downton Abbey– great emptiness in their life, A very British scandal is about to become their new favorite show.

The three-episode miniseries explores the marriage of real-life British couple Ian and Margaret Campbell as their marriage crumbles in 1963. Against the backdrop of post-war Britain, divorce case becomes business salacious, filled with sex and violence beneath its prim and proper exterior. And for those looking to see Bettany truly unleash her acting talents outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, A very British scandal offers him the perfect showcase.

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Die Hard makes its last stand

With Bruce Willis announcing his retirement from acting to focus on his health and family, one of his most famous film roles will leave Prime Video at the end of this month. Three of the most acclaimed die hard the movies are leaving the premium streaming service in April, starring Willis in his biggest action hero role. In the films, police detective John McClane struggles to balance his career and his deteriorating family life while tackling growing terrorist plots across the country.

The specific die hard movies leaving Prime Video in April are the 1987 original die hard1995 Die hard with a vengeance and 2007 Live free or die hard. The first one die hard is a masterclass in fast-paced action cinema and has inspired a whole wave of knockoffs with similar premises. And the years 1995 and 2007 die hard the sequels proved that the film series still had plenty of explosive life.

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(500) Days of Summer mixes coming-of-age comedy with Heartbreak

A film leaving Hulu and Prime Video at the end of April is the comedy-drama film (500 days of summer. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel as a couple, the film presents a unique look at young adult love after the two characters meet. And while Tom is a firm believer in true love, Summer has other insights into the nature of romance that lead to an emotional rollercoaster.

Lead by amazing spider man director Marc Webb, the 2009 film uses a whole range of storytelling tricks to deliver a truly memorable look at life and love in your twenties. From the whole story told in chronological order to a spontaneous song and number, (500 days of summer remains a triumph more than a decade after its premiere. Part coming-of-age story about leaving college before becoming a fun look at the sincerity of true love, now is the last chance to catch the movie before it leaves. both digital platforms for the foreseeable future.

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Shrek takes his last bow

For all the memes that have popped up since the animated fantasy franchise Shrek debuted over twenty years ago, the first Shrek the movies are really good movies. The first two Shrek the films leave Hulu at the end of April, making the green ogre’s immediate streaming future unknown. The 2001 film that started it all was also recently added to the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress, a testament to its cultural resonance decades since its premiere.

Boasting an all-star voice cast, with Michael Myers as the titular ogre, Shrek takes place in a medieval fantasy world that persecutes him for being different. More than just a traditional fairy tale, Shrek has endeared itself to fans around the world for its cheeky postmodern take on fantasy stories, complete with modern pop culture references and sight gags. Joined by co-stars Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy, the Shrek the films continue to be one of animation’s greatest success stories, their influence still being felt in the industry today.

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Friday the 13th early cut

the Friday 13 The films are a great example of how a shoestring budget with a relatively light plot can still deliver one of the most enduring movie franchises of all time. The original 1980 film leaves Prime Video in April, telling the bloody story of a group of camp counselors slaughtered at the infamous Camp Crystal Lake. And yet Friday 13 may not be considered great cinema by many, the slasher movie franchise wouldn’t want it any other way.

With a reported production budget of just $550,000, Friday 13 had a huge success and a long series of sequels. With a chilling final jump and a twist on who the real killer is in the 1980 film, Friday 13 set the pattern for his successors and turned the horror film industry upside down. For those looking to revisit one of the definitive slasher films, this is their last chance to see it on Prime Video this month.

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