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Best Female Spy Movies & TV Shows To Watch After Black Widow




Tome, A.k.a will always be the original. The female-led spy drama aired on network television when I was a teenager, and its combination (especially in the first season and a half) of fierce combat, tense espionage, and focused drama sequences about the characters made it my favorite show. As Black Widow, A.k.a is steeped in family drama, particularly the father-daughter relationship between Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) and spy father Jack Bristow (Victor Garber), but later introducing other family dynamics. The series begins as your classic double-agent story, as Sydney decides to take down the agency she works for after killing her fiance, but, in classic JJ Abrams style, the plot really goes from there, to better and for worse. Aired for five seasons and over 105 episodes, if you’re looking for a more family-friendly spy drama, A.k.a is the show for you.

Germany 86

All three “seasons” of this excellent German-language Cold War spy series that follows an East German boy forced to become a spy in West Germany are worth watching, but the second installment, which takes place in 1986, offers us viewers many more female spy characters. be impressed with the original Germany 83 history. The main character Jonas remains the protagonist of this story, but his Aunt Lenora, arguably the best spy in the whole series, plays an even bigger role in Germany 1986 and the rest Germany 89, as was her lover / partner Rose, a South African agent working for the African National Congress and played by Florence Kasumba of the MCU. Add Jonas’ baby mum, Annett, back to East Germany as a junior intelligence officer, and the mysterious Brigitte, and you have a second season full of complex and ruthless spies.


This much underrated spy series spanned four action-packed seasons on The CW before completely blocking its landing in 2013. Technically an adaptation of the 1997 The woman Nikita television series, itself an adaptation of the 1990 Luc Besson action film of the same name, Nikita quickly surpassed the original two to become one of the best female-led spy stories of all time. With Maggie Q as holder Nikita, the series began after the former spy vowed to dismantle the secret agency that formed him, known as The Division. Our story begins when Nikita implants her protégé, Alex, in the Division, with a plan to work together to bring down the agency. Of course, sneaking in comes with its own emotional and ethical complications, and Alex may not know everything there is to know about his mentor Nikita and Nikita’s role in Alex’s tragic past. With a stellar supporting cast that includes Melinda Clarke and Xander Berkeley, Nikita was way better than it needed to be and, if you’re a fan of the action spy genre, it’s definitely worth a watch.

Kill Eve

Maybe it was the Russian accent, but Yelena has some crazy Villanelle vibes in Black Widow, and I mean it in the least psychopathic way possible. Unless you live under a rock, you’re probably familiar with this BBC America series starring Sandra Oh as the annoyed MI-5 agent and Jodie Comer as the spy-assassin she becomes obsessed with catching, but if you haven’t checked it out yet and are looking for another female led spy story with lots of jokes then Kill Eve is the show for you. The second season is getting a little difficult, but with an engrossing season three and the announcement that season four will be the last of the series, now is the time to jump on the Kill Eve train in motion.

Little girl with the drummer

In terms of tone or style, Little girl with the drummer share little with Black Widow– it’s much more of a geopolitical thriller than superhero action – but I’m including the British spy series in the list because it shares a star with Black Widow. Florence Pugh of Yelena plays an aspiring actress named Charlie who is recruited by the Mossad to infiltrate a Palestinian group planning an attack in Europe. Based on a novel of the same name by acclaimed spy author John le Carré, the six-part series is directed by Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook and co-stars Michael Shannon and Alexander SkarsgÃ¥rd, and the talent is not wasted. The miniseries delves much more into the ethics of espionage than it does Black Widow is able or comfortable to do so, asking tough questions about how violence and manipulation are used and justified across national borders. If you’re looking for a spy drama that’s not afraid to ask the tough questions, then Little girl with the drummer is for you.

Milkshakes with powder

OK, this one is more of an assassin drama than a spy drama, but the cast is too good not to include it in the roster. Featuring Doctor Whoby Karen Gillan and Game of thrones‘Lena Headey as a pair of daughter / mother assassins, Milkshakes with powder is another action thriller that fits into the family dynamic. Past the two stars, Milkshakes with powder Also features iconic Michelle Yeoh, Angela Bassett and Carla Gugino, completing the cast of Women of Action. The movie won’t hit Netflix (in the US) and theaters (elsewhere) until Friday, but you’ll be good to go.