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Batgirl debut movie rumored to feature Black Canary solo movie


The upcoming Batgirl movie is rumored to set up HBO Max’s Black Canary solo movie.

Bat girl may extend the Extended DC Cinematic Universe further than some fans might expect, as the next movie could feature a solo movie starring another bird of prey.

Daniel Richtman’s Industry Scooper RPK The Twitter account reports that the Bat girl the movie slated for release on HBO Max next year will lead to the solo film Black Canary. RPK’s wording may sound somewhat cryptic, but the rumor isn’t that hard to believe, given a solo Black canary The movie has been confirmed to be in the works at HBO Max, not to mention that Batgirl and Black Canary are both founding members of Team Birds of Prey in the comics.

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Rumors that actor Jurnee Smollett will take her over Birds of prey Black Canary’s role for a solo film began in August, with Smollett confirming shortly after that the project was in fact in the works. The film is written by Misha Green, who previously worked with Smollett on TV shows. Underground and Lovecraft Country. While details on the script remain scarce, Green teased the inclusion of the iconic Black Canary costume in the comics.

Although no appropriate follow-up to Birds of prey is currently planned, both Bat girl and Black canary The events of the 2020 film are expected to follow. However, appearances by other team members, such as Renee Montoya, Huntress, and Cassandra Cain, have yet to be confirmed for either film. Still, Huntress actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead expressed her eagerness to pick up the crossbow again, saying in a recent interview, “I’m glad I got the chance to do at least one iteration of [Huntress] and if this iteration continues, I’d love to be a part of it, but we’ll see what happens. “

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Bat girl stars Leslie Grace as the titular superhero and her alter ego Barbara Gordon. The film will also star JK Simmons as Barbara’s father, Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon, alongside serial arsonist Firefly, who is said to be played by Brendan Fraser. Firefly’s frequent association with the first Batgirl villain fought in the comics could also mean that Killer Moth will appear in the film as well. Meanwhile, the question of who will take the lead Bat girlCaped Crusader remains in the air, as it has been confirmed that Ben Affleck will not be returning as Batman.

Bat girl will be released on HBO Max at a date not yet announced in 2022.

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