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Audiences spent millions of minutes watching this new Netflix # 1 series


Audiences have been spending millions of minutes watching the # 1 new show on Netflix right now: The witcher Season 2. The book series turned video game series turned blockbuster TV series is back just in time for the Christmas holidays – and viewers certainly seem excited about the return! The witcher stars Superman actor Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, a warrior with magical powers who belongs to the monster hunter guild known as the Witchers. Based on feedback from critics and fans alike, The Witcher has made significant improvements to its visual and narrative storytelling, officially proclaiming it as HBO’s pop culture successor. Game of thrones.

According to the Netflix Top 10, The witcher Season 2 and Season 2 occupied no. 1 and no. 2 places (respectively) on this week’s top 10 list. In its first week, The witcher Season 2 would have run for over 142 million hours; The witcher Season 1 racked up over 49 million hours of viewing time. Comparing these numbers: even having a few years, The witcher season 1 was considered more than double the time than no. 3 content items, which were the DCs Titans Season 3 (23.8 million hours). Lost in spaceThe final season of ran in 19 million hours, and it was the big final “event” of a somewhat popular series.

That’s all to say: The witcher arrived.

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Here is what Comic nation Podcast host Matthew Aguilar had to say in his official review of The witcher Season 2:

It improves upon the foundations established by the first season in almost every way imaginable, moving away from less effective elements and leaning towards others that enrich the experience tenfold. The actors feel good about their roles but luckily develop their characters throughout the season, especially in the case of Geralt, Ciri, and Triss. While some changes from the books will grab attention, there are other moments that feel like they’ve stepped straight out of them to balance it out, and all of this leads to an incredible TV season that ‘no Witcher fan should be missing. .. Many new additions manage to flesh out the world and its mythology even further, and as for the main four, they embrace their characters in new ways as they explore their humanity, vulnerabilities and fear. The result is a must-see TV season, and it’s one that should thrill any fan of the franchise.

The witcher Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.