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Amazon Freevee adds 24/7 ALF channel


When it debuted in the mid-1980s, many parents were probably craving ALF was still on their TV. Now that frustrated impression may be a literal reality, as Amazon’s Freevee has added a new channel that only plays ALF 24 hours a day. This follows a marathon in April on Shout! Factory’s streaming platform, and was likely arranged in conjunction with Shout!, which recently acquired the rights to do more ALF. The series was a ratings hit and a merchandising juggernaut when it was first released, running for four seasons but producing comics, games, an animated series, and more.

“ALF” is an acronym for Alien Life Form, but also used for the character’s name – the same way “ET” served both purposes in Spielberg’s 80s masterpiece. The series revolved around about a cat-eating alien who crash-lands on Earth and stays with a suburban family who hide him from the US government while he attempts to return to his native Melmac.

“I couldn’t be more excited than Shout! Factory markets and distributes ALF and in collaboration with series creators Paul Fusco and Tom Patchett,” said Jeffrey Peisch, senior vice president of programming and new business development for Shout!, in a statement when the studio acquired the franchise. “ALF was an instant classic when it debuted on network television over 30 years ago, and the series stands the test of time and appeals to multiple generations.”

The series caused a stir for a few years, spawning Burger King toys, a comic book series and more before audiences became ALF fatigue and the series was quietly cancelled. The affable alien continued to be a regular fixture on VH1 specials and Hollywood Squaresand Fusco has been trying to drum up interest in a revival for some time.

The character recently made headlines for a tongue-in-cheek exchange on Twitter with guardians of the galaxy director James Gunn, which inevitably had fans wondering if Gunn might be working on a ALF project, or bring someone from Melmac for a cameo in an upcoming Guardians cut. So far, though, it seems like the Twitter swap wasn’t some kind of secret promotion for anything, but just…you know…a Twitter swap. It can happen sometimes.

ALF is now available for purchase on Amazon by episodes or seasons.