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Adam Driver Netflix film filming in Wellington Ohio


WELLINGTON, Ohio (WJW) – It may be 2021, but the village of Wellington will soon be transformed in the ’80s for a Netflix feature called’ White Noise ‘.

It is based on the novel by author Don DeLillo, which follows the life of a college professor forced to deal with his mortality after a toxic airborne event. Actors Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig, the stars of the project.

“We have a lot of beautiful historic architecture in the city and the intersection is also important for the film, but we are a kind of Americana that you don’t find that often,” said Jenny Arntz, executive director of Main Street Wellington. She said Netflix producers were in town in May, visiting several locations.

The village’s turn-of-the-century buildings now feature old capitals, new coats of paint and decorations.

Local trade unionist Victoria Petrovic, from North Olmsted, has been hired to help with the transformation.

“It’s a specialized profession. We have a local workforce. There is a union here for movie studio mechanics and this is where the local strength is coming, ”said Petrovic.

“It’s good that they’re coming to town. A lot of these buildings need attention anyway and they give us a little more attention, ”said business owner Jeff Wooster, whose Mechanic Street Brewery is being turned into a travel agency. .

“We are in the process of redoing the building. We’re almost done with the exterior and it’s going to take a little while to finish the interior. So they don’t bother us at all, they actually help us. They paint the lower windows.

During filming next month, Wellington’s main intersection will be closed for several days. Netflix will pay approximately 40 companies inconvenience fees; between $ 500 and $ 1,000.

Wellington is no stranger to the limelight. Actor Liam Neeson in town in 2019, filming “The Marksman”.

Filming is scheduled to begin on July 11.

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