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9 canceled reality shows that deserve another season


Most reality TV shows are awhile, with a loyal legion of fans tipping in week to week. But at some point every show has to end, although a handful of them actually end up ending too soon.

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Some reality shows that were canceled ran their course and it was a good time to end and some arguably went on longer than they should have. But there are a few that could make a comeback, albeit with slightly changed steering.

The X factor (2011-2013)

Shan Ako in a yellow jacket and hat raising his hand on The X-factor

Arguably the last thing fans need is another song contest show. But there was something special about The X factor, which aired on Fox for three seasons as well as in the UK for 15 seasons from 2004 to 2018.


The show, one of many under the aegis of Simon Cowell, had a unique twist in that it sometimes put the singers in audition in groups. The show was responsible for bringing together singers who have become very popular bands, including the guys from One Direction on the UK version, who are the most successful contenders for The X factor, as well as the ladies who made up Fifth Harmony, who were reunited on the American version.

My super sweet 16 (2005-2017)

my super sweet sixteen

While My Super Sweet 16 was a TLC reality show that probably should have been canceled long before it was, it could do with another season, but from a completely different angle. While the show might remain about wealthy teens planning an elaborate celebration for their sweet 16 birthday, it might shift to ways they do good instead of acting spoiled and bratty.

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It could be a whole different show, but it could help rejuvenate a show to better fit today’s priorities and a new generation that cares about big causes over excess and overkill. opulence.

The real world (1992-2017, resurrected in 2021)

MTV The real world, one of the earliest reality TV shows, has been credited with inspiring the genre of reality TV as fans know it today. With 33 seasons under its belt, the MTV show followed seven or eight young adults as they stepped into the real world, lived together in a new city, and were filmed 24/7.

The series began by focusing on important issues facing growing young adults, from religion and sexuality, politics and drug addiction. Over the following seasons, however, the focus shifted to the party lifestyle and fun. The real world in fact was somewhat relaunched in March 2021 via Paramount + with a spin-off called Real-World Homecoming: New York, who gathered the cast of the original to live in the same loft. With two more reunion seasons to come, it’s clear this was something fans wanted, although a revival of the original concept would be welcome.

The Simple Life (2003-2007)

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in The Simple Life promotional poster

Simple life might not be brought back with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie as the stars as the two have grown up since the show first aired on Fox (E! for the past two seasons). But the concept could work with two new rich socialites, especially since Simple life was one of the funniest reality shows of all time.

On the show, the pair were filmed as they attempted to do manual labor, from cleaning and farming, to fast food outlets and camp counselors. While some might characterize the concept as deaf, if presented in a more revealing and humorous way, allowing spoiled children to respect and understand the value of a dollar, it could be more informative than rolling their eyes. .

Judge Judy (1996-2021)

Judge Judy, hand raised, glasses on the tip of her nose with the American flag in the background.

Judge Judy was on CBS for 25 seasons as fans loved watching the harsh family court judge handle the small claims cases presented to him in each episode. While the series is still available for reruns, fans were sad to see Judy Sheindlin go.

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Sheindlin’s influence on courtroom television has been huge, so it’s no surprise that a spinoff debuted in November 2021 called Judy Justice, available on the IMDb streaming service. So, while the long-running show has been canceled, Sheindlin continues to grace the TV screens with his usual stern, straightforward form of justice. However, it is still difficult to accept that things are not the same.

MadTV (1995-2009)

MadTV's Stuart, seated on a swing wearing a multi-colored shirt.

Airing on Fox for 15 seasons and returning for a one-time eight-episode cover on The CW, it’s clear there’s still room for MadTV in the landscape of sketch comedy. Saturday Night Live reigns on the roost, but there have been a lot more late-night comedy shows that have joined the fray since.

MadTV, however, was one of the best, showcasing iconic characters like Stuart and Mrs. Swan, and showcased comedic talent among his actors like Alex Borstein, Will Sasso, Mo Collins, Bobby Lee, Ike Barinholtz, Michael McDonald, Keegan Michael- Key, and Jordan Peele. A lot of MADtv the cast members have been very successful, but fans would love to see yet another revival season bringing the original cast together.

Duck Dynasty (2012-2017)

The four main male characters of Duck Dynasty posing against a gray background in a promotional poster.

Fans were mesmerized by the Robertson family and their Duck Commander business selling products for hunters, including their Duck Call, which itself called itself a Duck Commander. Their daily life and deeply rooted evangelical Christian views were recorded in the A&E series, which aired for 11 seasons.

This has made men and their long-bearded looks household names among fans. There’s been a spinoff since it ended, but fans would love a revival, or even a reunion, featuring the original cast.

Kitchen nightmares (2007-2014)

While Chef Gordon Ramsay followed this series, which aired for seven seasons on Fox, with the similar concept show 24 hours in hell and back, fans are missing the original, which was based on the UK show Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. In each episode of Kitchen nightmares, he would go to a hectic local restaurant and investigate what was wrong. From disgusting kitchens and incompetent business owners, to family discord and horrible food, he’s encountered it all with some of the most gruesome restaurants in Kitchen nightmares.

Ramsay is all over television in several shows these days. But there was nothing like it Kitchen nightmares which kept viewers glued to the screens to see what happened in the end.

Fear factor (2001-2006, 2011-2012, 2017-2018)

Joe Rogan standing next to two Fear Factor contestants, wearing yellow shirts and headbands.

Sure, Fear factor has already been relaunched several times, aired twice on NBC, then MTV. But it is possible that the two occasions on that date simply did not hit the right target. Originally presented by Joe Rogan, the stunt / dare game show saw players face their fears while doing things like putting their arms into containers full of bugs or consuming rude animal parts. Anyone who was too afraid to go all the way was eliminated.

It may need a new host, a new format, or maybe include celebrities or competitors from other reality shows. However, Fear factor would be fun and rude to bring back – again.

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