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7 Movies Guaranteed to Cheer You Up for the Winter Olympics


The Winter Games, which kick off this weekend, are sure to have their fair share of dramatic moments. But there will also be long stretches that could be as boring as shoveling the sidewalk.

The best thing about sports documentaries and feature films is that you only get the good stuff.

So when the live competition is less than spectacular during the Games, you should consider upgrading to these seven offerings, guaranteed to keep your Olympic spirit high.

“American Rock Stars”
This new four-part series on the current US men’s curling team is a celebration of both the sport and Minnesota. The cameras assiduously follow Captain John Shuster and his teammates as they practice in Chisholm, Eagan and Duluth. The episodes, all narrated by superfan Nick Offerman, will never convince you that the defending champions are superathletes – they drink more beer than Gatorade – but they do reinforce their Everyman personas. peacock

‘Calgary ’88: 16 Days of Glory’
HBO Max features a number of documentaries created by Bud Greenspan, who did for the Olympics what John Ford did for westerns. Start with this look at one of the most exciting Winter Games in history. Greenspan is equally interested in what happens behind the scenes, which means you get moving footage of Canadian speed skater Gaétan Boucher’s parents cheering on their son on his final race and figure skater Debi Thomas pacing. not nervously backstage. HBO Max

Kurt Russell should have been nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of the late University of Minnesota coach Herb Brooks in this ultimate Cinderella story. The actor may have got it, but this 2004 film about the improbable victory of the American hockey team in Lake Placid, NY, has become one of the most beloved sports classics of all time. Disney+

“To intervene”
You’ll be dazzled by the pair skating streaks from the 2002 Games. But this four-part document focuses primarily on accusations of collusion and outcome fixation. The producers, including Tara Lipinski, managed to film most of the major actors. This includes a supposed gangster, a French judge suspended for his behavior and the controversial and colorful Russian coach Tamara Moskvina. peacock

“The White Stadium”
If you’re more into cinematography than competition, you won’t want to miss this silent documentary about the 1928 Winter Games, which is only the second to take place. Director Arnold Fanck seems more enthralled with kids having snowball fights than the action on the ski slopes. But the images of St. Moritz in Switzerland are so captivating that you won’t hesitate. Stick around for scenes from a ski joëring demonstration, in which horses drag athletes on skis across a frozen pond. HBO Max

“Me, Tonya”
Margot Robbie is terrific as the unhinged Tonya Harding in this 2017 film about the sordid events leading up to her confrontation with Nancy Kerrigan at the 1994 Olympics. But it’s Allison Janney as Harding’s eccentric mother who flies star and won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Hulu

Legendary skier Picabo Street reflects on her successes and shortcomings in this tribute that doesn’t shy away from troubling chapters such as the rocky relationship with her father. Lindsey Vonn co-directed, which is why much of this new documentary focuses on the Minnesota native loving her hero’s boots. peacock