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5 Worst Horror Movie Villains


From Ghostface to Chucky, many unforgettable horror movie villains have been appearing on movie screens for decades. While some are campy and fun, others are downright scary to watch, with Norman Bates from psychology and Annie Wilkes of Misery fall into this latter category.

Even though horror fans know of several villains they would never want to meet IRL, there are a few evil characters from popular movies who fall short in terms of scares, place in the genre, and character development. .

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There shouldn’t be Jeeper’s vines reboot because of the director, and the 2001 film also has a terrible villain. Trish (Gina Philips) and Darry Jenner (Justin Long) are siblings on a journey and they find The Creeper, who chases them.

While there are plenty of monster movies out there, The Creeper doesn’t feel like the most well-rounded horror movie villain. The main characters hear the backstory behind his kills: The Creeper comes out in the spring every 23 years and he kills people for 23 days so he can use their body parts. It might be gross to hear, and the final scene of The Creeper tormenting Darry is definitely unforgettable. But compared to other villains, no one really remembers The Creeper or talks about him as much as Leatherface does. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise.

The movie 2018 Slender man takes this character’s Creepypasta story and tells the story of a group of teenage girls who encounter this mysterious and gruesome figure. Not only does the movie have a depressing ending and little plot or character development, as it seems very generic, but the villain himself isn’t that interesting.

Whether or not audiences are familiar with the Slender Man mythos, this character falls flat against others from Ghostface to Michael Myers. Slender Man looks like a shadow, or even a shadow drawing, which isn’t exactly scary. Horror fans may shrug that he’s coming for people who keep writing and talking about him because he doesn’t feel as powerful or important as the other villains.

The miner is the villain in the years 1981 and 2009 My dear love movies. In the 1981 film, Harry Warden is the first miner as he gets stuck in the mines during a Valentine’s Day dance. He becomes a cannibal then launches into a killing spree when he leaves. Axel Palmer then takes on the persona of the miner, wearing a mining uniform and committing murder. In the 2009 film, Tom Hanniger is the villain, as Harry hurt him and he wants revenge.

The 2009 My dear love is one of the worst horror movie remakes and also has one of the least developed or least interesting villains. Unlike the terrifying villain Freddy Krueger, who is very detailed in every movie of freddie, horror fans might not be so scared of The Miner. He feels like a generic horror movie villain.

While the fun, cheesy 2000s slasher valentine is entertaining, and a reason is given why the villain kills people, Jeremy Melton/Cupid doesn’t sound that exciting compared to others in the genre.

Jeremy wants revenge on the girls who teased and tormented him when they were younger, and it soon becomes clear that Adam Carr (David Boreanaz) is actually Jeremy. While there’s a good explanation for why he did the horrible things he did, Adam isn’t so compelling as a horror movie villain because so many others have murdered because ‘they wanted to right some childhood wrongs. Since valentine doesn’t have a sequel and it’s not as popular as some other horror movies, which makes the villain less horrifying as well.

Watching the 2006 and 2019 remakes of black christmas, the 2019 version changes Billy’s villain into a cult of young adult men who want to take over the women on their college campus. The characters feel superficial and one note.

Members of the Delta Kappa Omicron fraternity murder their comrades, and while the film is meant as a statement about feminism and sexism, it doesn’t work very well. The villain in the other two black christmas films was Billy, which targeted sorority sisters living together in a house. While Billy wasn’t a strong villain, the decision to make an entire brotherhood of villains didn’t work out very well. At least Billy had a story that was explained to the audience that made him seem even scarier.

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