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5 Reasons Hawkeye Should Have Been A Movie (& 5 Why It’s Better As A Disney+ Series)


After a wild introduction to Phase Four, the Marvel Cinematic Universe closed out 2021 by returning to the Big Apple with its latest Disney+ series. Hawk Eye and feature film Spider-Man: No Coming Home, the latter of which broke a billion at the box office. While Hawk Eye does not present the grandiose history of No coming home, it’s nonetheless an enjoyable holiday series perfectly crafted for the small screen.

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However, given Jeremy Renner’s long tenure as an archer in the MCU, fans can’t help but wonder why. Hawk Eye was not made into a feature film. With Renner returning as Clint Barton, Hawk Eye also introduces fans to rising MCU stars such as Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop and Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez as Clint embarks on a mission to recover his missing Ronin gear.

ten Movie: Adapts Matt Fraction’s iconic comic book

Clint Barton Matt Fraction Mafia Tracksuit

One of the most exciting pieces of information fans received ahead of the start of the 2021 Disney+ series was how Hawk Eye would draw inspiration primarily from Matt Fraction’s iconic 2012 character comic, which saw Clint collide with his future protege Kate Bishop and the comical Tracksuit Mafia.

Given that the first MCU property to feature Renner’s front and center Clint Barton is adapted from such a well-known comic book series, it’s all the more baffling why Hawk Eye was not made into a feature film. And, since the MCU films seem to appeal to a wider audience than its Disney+ series, it would make sense for Marvel Studios to capitalize on such a rich storyline.

9 Series: Allows Clint and Kate to befriend

Kate Apartment Pizza Christmas Decorations

The advantage of TV series is how the episodic format gives writers and producers time to flesh out individual characters more than a feature film ever could. Unlike some of its MCU Disney+ counterparts, Hawk Eye takes full advantage of this storytelling style, giving the audience plenty of time to see Clint and Kate develop their mentor-student relationship.

Although it’s obvious from early episodes that Steinfeld’s Kate is a major Hawkeye fangirl, she learns his secrets (such as his Ronin past and his friendship with Natasha Romanoff) in the series’ fourth entry. They celebrate an evening with several Christmas activities that Clint was supposed to attend with his family in Missouri.

8 Movie: Passage of the mantle of Hawkeye

Kate Clint final battle Rockefeller Center

While 2019 Avengers: Endgame saw the conclusion of the Infinity Saga, as well as the end of many major character arcs, Clint Barton was one of many characters who didn’t really find closure until the events of 2021 Hawk Eye. Although Clint is fortunate not to share Tony Stark’s fate, the series is unquestionably a passing of the torch.

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As the events surrounding Ronin’s past and Kate’s mother quickly escalate, it becomes apparent to fans that Steinfeld’s Kate is set up to take Clint’s title, which he alludes to at the end of the series. . Additionally, fans suspect that Kate may have found a new ally in Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova, bringing together the characters of Black Widow and Hawkeye once again.

seven Series: Explore Clint’s dark past as a Ronin

Clint Ronin outfit art

When fans got their first glimpse of Avengers: Endgame In December 2018, many were thrilled to finally see Marvel Studios pay for Clint’s Ronin arc after he was teased slaying the Yakuza in a dark samurai suit with a retractable blade – likely prompted by his family’s death from of Thanos. infamous snap in Avengers: Infinity War.

Unfortunately, fans were denied this story for End of Game while Natasha only contacted Clint after the Avengers made plans for a time theft. However, as a TV series, Clint’s past as a Ronin is crucial to the overall plot development, which reveals some of the most terrible things Clint has done during his time as an enigmatic swordsman.

6 Film: Tells one overarching narrative

Clint Kate's Final Battle Ambulance

One of the constant gripes fans have had with the MCU Disney+ series is how they feel like endless six-hour movies rather than stories formatted to the episodic nature of small-screen shows. Fortunately, later 2021 entries like What if…? and Hawk Eye managed to find better ways to adapt their stories to the streaming service.

However, What if…? has the advantage of being episodic in nature due to the way the viewer shares seemingly unique adventures across the Marvel Multiverse. Sadly, Hawk Eye does not share this advantage. And although Hawk Eye may find success as a series, its sense of a single overarching narrative naturally gravitates towards the feature film medium.

5 Series: Explore deafness in the superhero genre

Endgame Hawkeye Clint wearing a hearing aid

Opening up to other media platforms has allowed the MCU to explore certain elements of its world that it has yet to address, including the idea of ​​disabilities such as deafness. In fact, there are two MCU properties that feature deaf protagonists in 2021, with Chloe Zhao Eternals tackle the problem first.

Although Lauren Ridloff’s Makkari is the MCU’s first official deaf superhero, the 2021 Hawk Eye The series also sees Clint Barton struggle with his progressive hearing loss from all the battles he’s had. Since Cox’s Maya Lopez is also deaf, the Disney+ series has the time and opportunity to really dive into the impact deafness has had on the lives of superheroes.

4 Movie: Pupil Kingpin as More of a Threat

Hawkeye Finale Kingpin Desktop

Although fans have been anticipating his return, Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk makes his MCU comeback as New York’s King of Crime in the 2021 season finale. Hawk Eye. As events come to a head, it is revealed that Kate’s mother, Eleanor Bishop, was in cahoots with the Kingpin and his Tracksuit Mafia due to the debt her late husband owed her.

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While Kate manages to beat Fisk with quick thinking in their one-on-one, D’Onofrio’s gangster seems to meet his end at the hands of Maya Lopez during the closing minutes of the finale. Although fans suspect the Kingpin will be back soon, it’s nonetheless surprising that he hasn’t received a cinematic entrance like Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock was with No coming home.

3 Series: Shows Clint’s struggle with Natasha’s death

Endgame Natasha Clint Vormir Death

It is an indisputable fact that Avengers: Endgame is a cinematic masterpiece. And while her colossal reach means not everyone gets the same amount of screen time, many fans feel that Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow didn’t receive proper justice when she sacrificed herself on Vormir to the Soul Stone.

Although mentioned briefly in films like Spider-Man: Far From Home and Black Widow, it’s only Hawk Eye that the full impact of his death is explored. The audience sees Clint struggle to live with his best friend’s decision. And considering how movies have so far failed on Johansson’s character, it’s only fitting that she gets the recognition she deserves thanks to Renner. Hawk Eye series.

2 Movie: Only original Avenger without a solo movie

2012 Original Avengers Tower Stark

For years, fans have been clamoring for the MCU to make a Black Widow solo movie. While Johansson’s solo release delay can likely be attributed to former Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter, Natasha Romanoff finally received her own feature in 2021, leaving Clint Barton as the only original Avenger without a movie.

Although the Hawk Eye the series gives him character development he probably never would have gotten with a solo film, his popularity has worsened due to compatriots like Iron Man, Captain America and Thor receiving three solo outings where they are front and center in the story. Let’s hope Steinfeld’s hugely popular Kate Bishop doesn’t suffer the same fate.

1 Series: can cover multiple scenarios at once

Characters Hawkeye Maya Yelena Kate Clint

With six hours of screen time, one of the good things about Hawk Eye that’s how he’s able to slowly but surely pace his many moving parts and disparate character stories, all of which come together for the season finale at Rockefeller Center. Therefore, the series is able to give significant arcs to others like Kate Bishop, Maya Lopez, and Yelena Belova despite not being protagonists.

Perhaps most importantly, the divergent narratives illustrate just how sprawling the world of the MCU has become since the relatively straightforward 2008. Iron Man. With Clint’s story complete, fans can look forward to Kate’s future as the Young Avenger and the promising return of many more. daredevil characters.

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