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5 One-Season TV Shows That Deserve A Second Chance (And 5 That Probably Shouldn’t Have Aired At All)


Receiving more than one season is the ambition of almost all series broadcast on television. Of course, it’s true that the world of television is very fierce, and it can be difficult for any given series to take off and achieve success in one season, let alone several.

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In fact, television history is littered with many shows that, when critically examined, definitely deserved a second chance and a second season, while there are also plenty that didn’t. really shouldn’t have aired in the first place. .

Deserve a second chance:


DC Comics has been responsible for many great TV shows and movies, and Constantine deserves to be considered one of them. The main character is both an exorcist and a detective, and the series focuses on his efforts to protect people from supernatural horrors.


Like so many other 2010s series, it’s very much an anti-hero story, and Constantine constantly has to balance light and dark within himself. Although he only received one season, the strength of this character makes him ripe for another shot.


Joss Whedon has been responsible for some of TV’s most popular shows (including his masterpiece, buffy), but he also released shows that ultimately failed to gain traction. Firefly is one of them, and that’s a shame, because it’s a series that aims to do interesting things with the genre, mixing both space adventure and western.

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Plus, he has the light touch and philosophical richness of his other work, which means he would benefit a lot from another chance.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Studio 60 Cast

Like many other creative powerhouses, Aaron Sorkin has been responsible for many highly successful and influential television series. Sadly, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was not a success at all, despite its intriguing central idea – to focus on a comedy sketch show similar to Saturday Night Live – and a very strong and talented cast.

Given the success of similar shows – including, notably, 30 Rock — and given Sorkin’s creative abilities, it’s a series that deserves another chance to air.

Terra Nova

The cast of Terra Nova

Terra Nova is a stellar example of a sci-fi series that at first seemed to have a lot of potential, especially since its narrative is so timely. Set in the future, it depicts a group of colonizers who return to the primordial past in order to escape the pressures of the present. Sadly, it was one of those series that probably would have done better had it aired on a premium cable channel rather than network TV, and it’s one that still deserves some airtime. .

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It had plenty of upside, including a plot that slowly unraveled over its run, and it deserves at least another season in order to resolve some of the threads left hanging with its cancellation.

almost human

Karl Urban as John Kennex and Michael Ealy as DRN-0167 in Almost Human

almost human is a series that skilfully blends two genres, crime drama and science fiction. Set in a crime-ridden future, it explores what the world is like and how mankind has attempted to stem the crime wave through the use of androids.

There were enough unsolved puzzles and mysteries at the time of its cancellation that it could be more fully developed with at least one more season of material.

Shouldn’t have aired:


cavemen the series

The sitcom Cavemen has the dubious distinction of being one of the strangest premise in television history. Based on Geico’s commercials with cavemen, it may have had some early potential, but it quickly became clear that it wasn’t quite sure what to make of the racist nature of its central premise.

Even though it tried to retool some of its humor, it was ultimately canceled. Considering how flimsy the idea was to begin with and how badly executed it was, that was definitely a good thing.

father of pride

Although there have been many great anime series on television, father of pride does not deserve to be seen in this company. Although its central idea seems like it might work – focusing on a family of showbusiness lions – the show that eventually aired feels like a gimmick that doesn’t have much of a following. history or development. J

so, despite its decent animation and talented voice cast, it doesn’t really have enough depth or richness to merit a resurrection.

Cop Rock

Police procedural has long been a staple of many television programs, and it has produced many outstanding television series. Sadly, Cop Rock is not part of it. On paper, this sounds like something that could do something new with the genre, especially since it interweaves music and dance with the usual procedural drama.

Unfortunately, the two installments of the show don’t mix particularly well, so it’s probably just as well that it only got one season and never got another chance.

We are men

The cast of We Are Men together in a hot tub

We are men is another series that must have seemed like a good idea when it was first introduced, since it’s basically the male counterpart of sex and the city. Unfortunately, the show lacks the kind of wit and clever writing that has always been a hallmark of the HBO series, and the show’s central story, about a man left at the altar who befriends several divorced men, feels both forced and obsolete. Even the presence of the very talented Kal Penn is not enough to save him from oblivion.

Heil honey, I’m home

There are a few examples of a sitcom so tasteless it’s hard to imagine how it was allowed to see the screen. It is certainly true of Heil honey, I’m home which, as the title suggests, is about Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, who become neighbors with a Jewish couple. Whatever humor or social commentary the series aimed to provide, it is overshadowed by the decision to make a series of someone who, even today, remains one of the most reviled figures in history. story.

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