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5 must-watch movies and TV shows streaming right now: October 28, 2022



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Georgina Campbell in “Barbarian”. 20th century workshops

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Many of the recommendations are for new shows, while others are for under-the-radar releases you might have missed or classics that are set to leave a streaming service at the end of the month.

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When Tess (Georgina Campbell) arrives at the rental house she has booked in Detroit, Keith (Bill Skarsgård) is already there. A mistaken case of double booking, or something far more sinister? You might think you have a general idea of ​​where “Barbarian” is going after watching the trailer. Trust us, you don’t – and the less you know, the more “Barbarian” viewing experience you’ll have.

How to watch: “Barbarian” is streaming on HBO Max.

“Leave the one on the right in”

From the publication of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” in 1897 to Stephenie Meyer’s contemporary “Twilight” novels, vampires have often been the most overtly romantic (and often sexual) creatures in the horror genre. In the 2008 Swedish film “Let The Right One In,” the trope comes into play again, as bullied teenager Oskar strikes up a relationship with the cool vampire next door, Eli. Oskar struggles to get rid of his tormentors, and Eli desperately needs fresh blood as the authorities close in on her. It’s a match made in heaven – or in the suburbs of Stockholm, anyway.

How to watch: “Let the Right One In” is streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

“The Black and the Blues of Louis Armstrong”

Whether you know Louis Armstrong’s life story deep, or only know the legendary jazz musician from “What A Wonderful World,” Apple TV’s new documentary “Louis Armstrong’s Black & Blues” offers an in-depth look. and deeply compelling about Armstrong. One of the most influential figures in music history – whose impact is often overlooked due to the time he changed the game – Armstrong grew up in New Orleans, rose to prominence in the 1920s and retained his power until his death. in the 1970s. Using both archival footage and recently unearthed personal recordings and conversations, director Sacha Jenkins removes much of the artifice of a standard documentary, leaving Armstrong’s footage to manage alone.

How to watch: “Louis Armstrong’s Black & Blues” is streaming on Apple TV+.


“Guillermo del Toro’s cabinet of curiosities”

Though his name is right there in the title of this horror anthology show, Guillermo del Toro (“The Shape of Water”) doesn’t direct any of the eight episodes, instead serving as a Rod Serling-style guide in the first minutes of each horrible new chapter. It doesn’t matter, because del Toro has rounded up a row of talented murderers, including Jennifer Kent (“The Babadook”), Panos Cosmatos (“Mandy”) and Ana Lily Amirpour (“A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night”), giving the their free rein to bring their own style to each cautionary tale.

How to watch: “Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities” is streaming on Netflix.

“The White Lotus”

It’s the absolute last call to board the “White Lotus” train before Mike White’s HBO dark comedy returns for a second season on Sunday. Season 1, which won 10 Emmys, was set at Maui’s White Lotus resort, where a deeply flawed and highly authoritative group of guests (and the staff forced to tolerate them) live out their dramas over the course of six episodes. Season 2 moves to the White Lotus in Sicily, where an almost entirely new cast of malcontents will entertain viewers with their revulsive behavior. We say “almost,” because there’s a beloved character returning from Season 1: Tanya, a flighty woman played by Boston native Jennifer Coolidge (“Legally Blonde”).

How to watch: “The White Lotus” is streaming on HBO Max. Season 2 of “The White Lotus” premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO.