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20 Catalan films in Cannes


From the winner of the Berlin Golden Bear “Alcarrás” to the Cannes competition “Paiction”, these projects will represent Catalonia in Cannes.

Director: Carla Simon
The winner of the Berlin Golden Bear 2022, a family farming drama marking the flagship title of the new generation of filmmakers from Catalonia.
Sales: MK2 Films

Incredible Elisa
Director: Sadrac González-Perellón
The next winner of the 2017 BiFan Grand Jury Prize is González-Perellón (“Black Hollow Cage”), once again blending fantasy and family dynamics as 12-year-old Elisa seeks revenge after the tragic death of her mother. La Charito Films produces.
Sales: Filmax

The beasts
Director: Rodrigo Sorogoyen
One of the most anticipated Spanish titles of 2022, selected for Cannes Premiere, a Galician thriller from Oscar nominee Sorogoyen (“Mother”), produced by Arcadia, Caballo Films and Le Pacte.
Sales: Latido Films

The communion girl
Director: Victor Garcia
Film Factory’s genre piece for Cannes: A revenge thriller inspired by an urban legend about a girl in a communion dress.
Sales: Film Factory

The curse of the cuckoo
Director: Mar Targarona
A vacation home swap goes horribly wrong in director-producer (“The Orphanage”) Targarona’s latest film.
Sales: Film Factory

Director: Meritxell Collell
After ‘Con El Viento’, a second winning feature film from Malaga, which here describes a couple of dancers’ attempt to rekindle their relationship. Polar Star Films produces.
Sales: start again

lost found
Director: Jorge Dorado
From the director “The Head,” a Mario-centric noir thriller, who works in a lost and found office. Setembro Cine (“A fantastic woman”), based in Barcelona, ​​co-produced.
Sales: Filmax

Director: Pilar Palomero
Directed by 2021 Goya Best Picture winner Palomero (“Schoolgirls”), a portrait of teenage motherhood featuring “Schoolgirls” producers Inicia Films (“Summer 1993”) and BTeam Prods (“Between Two Waters”).
Sales: Elle Driver

One year, one night
Director: Saki Lacuesta
Supported by Bambú (“Velvet”), a well-received Berlin candidacy that evokes the psychological trauma of the Bataclan terrorist attack in Paris. Lacuesta (“Between two waters”), double winner of San Sebastián, directs.
Sales: Studiocanal

Director: Albert Serra
The first title in the Cannes competition by Serra, winner of Un Certain Regard 2019, a critique of modern international politics set in French Polynesia. Andergraun, Serra’s label, co-produced.
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Los Renglones Torcidos de Dios
Director: Oriol Paulo
Creator of mind-bending suspense thrillers (“The Invisible Guest,” “Mirage”), Paulo returns with a mysterious period tale set in a psychiatric ward. Nostromo Pictures produces.

Robot dreams
Director: Pablo Berger
Cartoon by Berger (“Snow White”), a friendship story set in 1970s New York. Arcadia (“The Beasts”) produces.
Sales: Elle Driver

Stories not to be told
Director: Cesc Gay
A star Spanish-speaking cast lead five stories aimed at making audiences crawl.
Sales: Filmax

Director: Mikel Gurrea
Alcarràs co-producer Lastor is backing Basque Gurrea’s long-awaited feature debut, a Catalan rural drama.
Sales: Reason8

Director: Pau Calpe Rufat
Calpe’s feature debut as a director, a drama about rural father-son relationships signals him as a talent to watch.
Sales: Film Factory.

Director: Alex Lora
Another Inicia title to follow, made with Jaibo from Valencia, a drama about a modern young woman whose life is falling apart.
Sales: Filmax

The volunteer
Director: Nely Reguera
A buzzing title from Malaga Spanish Screenings, combining star Carmen Machi’s great acting chops and Reguera’s keen sense of social ironies. Produced by Fasten Films, BTeam Prods and Homemade Films.
Sales: Bendita Films

Waiting for Dali
Director: David Pujol
A restaurant-style romantic comedy set in 1970s Cadaqués whose protagonists await Salvador Dalí à la Godot.
Sales: Backfill

Wild flowers
Director: Jaime Rosales
Produced by Fresdeval, A Contracorriente, Oberon and Luxbox in France, starring Anna Castillo as a threatened mother of two. The widest piece to date from “Beautiful Youth” director Rosales.
Sales: Film Factory

wild road
Director: Marc Recha
De Recha, in Cannes competition, a drama-thriller about a mother who fights to save her son. The label of Recha Parallamps produces. In office.

John Hopewell contributed to this report.