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10 TV shows to watch if you love foodies


Sweet tooth is a strangely timely, yet bizarre, fantasy drama series on Netflix. It is based on the comic book series of the same name by Jeff Lemiere, who served a triple function as a comic book creator, artist and writer. The series takes place in a dystopian future rocked by a global pandemic (again, timely) that has not only killed countless people, but spawned a new species of human-animal hybrid creatures. Among these creatures is Gus, a young boy living in the forest who is the protagonist of the series.

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In show, Sweet tooth emerged as a surprise hit on Netflix that not only had audiences looking for more after all eight episodes were over, but also audiences wanting more shows like this.

ten Stranger Things: real emotions in the midst of surrealism

Stranger Things distribution functionality

Amidst all the bizarre images and patterns offered by Sweet tooth at its heart lies a sincere family drama. The same can be said of Strange things, another series available on Netflix, this time focused on kids who meet aliens.

As Sweet tooth, strange things introduced a high concept with fantastic elements and unique creatures to entice viewers, but what keeps them going are themes regarding the importance of not only family but also the found family trope centered on friends who treat each other like family.

9 11.22.63 is about making the most of life

With a global pandemic at the center of its plot, Sweet tooth focuses on characters trying to make the most of their lives and their current situation, a similar lesson readers may have learned in real life over the past year or so.

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11.22.63 offers a similar lesson through a plot centered on James Franco’s Jake Epping, a time traveler sent in 1960 to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy, but instead finds a new life there that he can enjoy and make the most of.

8 The remains: a more realistic and anchored vision of the end of time

For those who are intrigued by Sweet teeth post-apocalyptic plot, but want to watch something more grounded in reality, Leftovers is the way forward. Based on the eponymous novel by Tom Perrotta, Leftovers takes place three years after a pseudo-biblical event called “The Sudden Departure” where 2% of the world’s population suddenly disappeared from the face of the planet. Think of the Thanos Snap, but with biblical implications.

The show treats the event with the utmost melancholy as the show focuses on those who still mourn the loved ones they lost due to this mysterious Depature.

7 The Umbrella Academy: Another Comic Book Show Under-Watched By Netflix

Young Pogo in The Umbrella Academy Season 2

Sweet tooth This isn’t the first time Netflix has made an effort to adapt an under-view comic book series. Previously, the streaming service was hugely successful by adapting The Umbrella Academy, written by Gerald Way of My Chemical Romance with illustrations by Gabriel Bá.

Like the comic, the show focuses on distant adopted siblings with powers (one of which is a man-ape hybrid, for anyone looking for the kind of animal creatures. Sweet tooth tenders) all raised to be superheroes by their father and a talking chimpanzee when they were children. When the father passes away and an apocalypse strikes, they must now learn to reconcile as a team and as a family.

6 Doom Patrol features imaginative and bizarre imagery

In terms of premise and, in some ways, tone, Fate Patrol is by far the most different show on the list compared to Sweet tooth. However, he remains equally imaginative and creative with his images using unique characters and storylines. Anyone who has fallen in love with Sweet teeth the imaginative fantasy side will probably like Fate Patrol for the same reasons.

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As Sweet Tooth, Doom Patrol takes comic book characters (this time from DC Comics) and pops them in as live action. This is a group of heroes who have all been shunned by society and now must come together to save the society that saved them from an impending demise.

5 Zoo: another dystopian future with high animal density

zoo screenshot

Another animal show set in an apocalyptic future, zoo talks about a group of professionals (journalists, zoologists, safari experts, etc.) who team up in an attempt to investigate a deadly epidemic where animals from around the world attack human civilization until the world’s population be reduced to thousands of survivors.

zoo Aired on CBS for three seasons before the cancellation, which is a shame for fans of the show, but a relief for new viewers looking for something quick to binge on when it only has 39 episodes.

4 Its dark materials: another fantasy through the eyes of a child

Lyra (Dafne Keen) and Pan in her dark materials

Many of the fantastic elements of Sweet tooth derive from the narrative by looking through the perspective of a 10 year old boy, also offering something of a coming-of-age story. The same can be said for a show like Its Dark Matter, with Dafne Keen, whose fans of Logan will recognize for his breakout performance as an X-23.

Here, she plays Lyra Belacqua, an orphan who discovers dark secrets and multiple worlds in search of her missing friend. Both seasons of the series are based on a trilogy of books, with the third and final season intended to adapt the last book.

3 The 100 is frustrating, but rewarding

Before Sweet tooth offered his own vision of a potential apocalypse imminent, The 100 arrived on The CW’s battlefields to express the story of a group of survivors who return to earth from a space habitat in the wake of a nuclear apocalypse.

The 100 is, in a way, both frustrating and rewarding as a spectacle. Its early episodes fall into the worst CW tropes surrounding teenage angst, and become even more cranky for queer audiences hoping for a more rewarding performance (hence the controversy it sparked). Yet in its current seventh and final season, fans remain dedicated to the series as it has continued to improve and has since rewarded its fans for sticking with it for so long.

2 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Offers More Optimism During Dark Times

Winry hates short men, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

This one is especially for anime fans. This is an adaptation of the manga called Fullmetal Alchemist, about two brothers who lose their limbs trying to bring their mother back from the dead. They make the most of their situation not only through their love for each other, but by becoming state alchemists working for the government.

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There are actually two adaptations of the manga, this one and one simply called Fullmetal Alchemist. fraternity is seen as a much more complete and faithful adaptation by the masses and so this show is the way to go.

1 Loki: a new weekly obsession

Loki Episode 4 Old Loki, Kid Loki, and Thor-Loki with a Hammer Variants stand together

Those who liked Sweet tooth and binged it fast enough that they were looking for a new weekly TV obsession to chill out, get in Loki. As of this writing, Loki hasn’t finished its six-episode streak yet, so fans who are interested enough to watch it live with everyone else had better act fast. This is perfect for fans of comics and mythical elements.

The show reattaches the ends of Avengers: Endgame where an earlier version of Loki interferes with the time taking the Tesseract. Once captured by the Time Variance Authority and considered a variant himself, the main character helps TVA in trying to find another variant that killed their agents.

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