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10 TV shows that went wrong after their star actor left


It’s always tumultuous on a TV show when the star leaves. Whether this happens for off-camera reasons, such as a dispute with the producers, or for reasons in the story, such as the character dying, leaving, or being logically unable to continue without forcing the suspension of disbelief, it causes great changes.

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Sometimes the shows are up to par. The storylines surrounding the grieving characters, remembering and adjusting to their new circumstances are strongly remembered, and the new characters promoted as leads shine. Other times, however, the departure of the star signals the start of a decline.

ten Charlie Sheen’s departure resulted in a two-and-a-half-man drop

A case where off-camera issues led a star to leave, Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a half men because of a series of public misconduct. This made it difficult for producers to continue working with him.

The problem for the series was that, with Charlie killed, the central premise of an ordinary, poor man living with his wealthy, prosperous brother no longer applied. A replacement was designed in the form of Ashton Kutcher’s Walden, but many viewers stopped watching and the show never recovered its ratings.

9 The office was not the same without Michael Scott

Office was far from a perfect show with Steve Carrell at the helm of its cast, with seasons 4, 6, 7, and even 1 considered to be of lower quality than the beloved season 5 and the universally beloved seasons 2 and 3. Nonetheless, she enjoyed popularity and was considered one of the best sitcoms on television.

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After Michael Scott left, the show lost much of the quality it had left, with no one succeeding in filling the void left by its main character. While the series had other issues, such as a lack of engaging or relevant storylines and unpopular choices with characters like Jim and Pam, Steve Carrell’s departure is remembered by many as a symbol of the downturn. quality of the series.

8 No replacement was as good as Primeval’s Nick Cutter

Nick Cutter in Primeval

ITV’s response to Torchwood, Primitive followed a group of government agents as they struggled to protect the general public from time-distorting “anomalies” and the creatures of the past and future that emerged from them. Leading the team was Nick Cutter, a paleontologist who could wield a gun and had a deep understanding of the anomalies and trauma of his wife’s disappearance.

The show was never high quality fare, but it maintained a somewhat campy fun and retained a loyal fan base. In the first episodes of season 3, Cutter was killed by his wife. In the final episodes of Season 3, returning character Danny Quinn would sort of lead the team, to be replaced by Matt Anderson. Both were lacking in the presence of Douglas Henshall’s Cutter, and the show never got over it.

7 Patrick Duffy returned, but Dallas continued to decline

Bobby Ewing in the shower in one of Dallas' most notorious twists

Departure of Patrick Duffy Dallas negatively affected the show in a strange way. The season after Bobby Ewing left was considered lower quality, but was seen as good TV as Pamela Barnes Ewing and other characters moved on after his death. At the end of the season, however, in one of television’s most notorious twists, Pam finds Bobby in the shower, the whole season having been a dream.

This plot choice negatively impacted fans’ opinions on the shows, and despite Bobby’s return, the show’s writing did not improve, with many citing the shower incident as a sign of the descent of the show. Thus, despite his return, the departure of Patrick Duffy resulted in Dallas become bad.

6 Ragnar’s Sons Did Not Have Such Engaging Viking Plots

Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok

For the first few seasons, Travis Fimmel’s Ragnar Lodbrok was simply Vikings. The show, despite having many characters with their own plots, revolved around the legendary king. His death in the fourth season was considered a great arc, and even the following arc, with his sons invading England, was enjoyable.

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However, the show suffered from a lack of a strong protagonist with Ragnar gone, and the intrigues quickly escalated into a civil war between the sons of Ragnar. Attempts to create other beloved characters like Bishop Heahmund failed and the show took a hit.

5 Cristina Yang dealt a blow to Grey’s anatomy

Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang in Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy began to decline in quality although Sandra Oh’s Cristina Yang remained a main character. Nonetheless, a heavy blow was dealt to the quality of the series when the character left in Season 10.

While Yang obviously wasn’t the main character – who was Meredith Gray – her relationship with Gray and the other Doctors was at the heart of the show, and she was an important part of it.

4 Law & Order UK has never recreated its sublime chemistry

Detective Sergeant Ronnie Brooks and Matt Devlin discuss case in Law and Order: UK

Law and orderThe UK-based spin-off was initially hailed for the sheer chemistry between its cast members. The various actors all clicked on each other, and nowhere was this clearer than in the main partnership between Detective Sergeant Ronnie Brooks and Matt Devlin, who made a perfect crime-fighting team.

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When Devlin actor Jamie Bamber left the show, he was replaced by Paul Nicholls’ Sam Casey. Despite a good performance by Nicholls, the chemistry just couldn’t be replicated and the series started to suffer. As a result, several more casting starts would see the series come to an end before long.

3 Nathan’s departure was the beginning of the end of the misfits

Nathan Young lying on his side and having an inappropriate conversation

Unsuitable was a British comedy-drama that followed a group of delinquents who were given superpowers from a storm and the problems they found themselves in. One character who quickly became popular with fans was Robert Sheehan’s Nathan Young, given the power of immortality, but who was left out of the series after the actor refused to return for a third season.

With Nathan gone, the show began to flounder in the public eye, despite an intriguing Season 3 premise that the characters get new superpowers. The storylines ran out of steam and Seasons 3 and 4 were seen as a bad series.

2 Mischa Barton’s absence led many to abandon the OC

Mischa Barton as Marissa Cooper in the CO

In the center of CO was the character of Core Four member Mischa Barton, Marissa Cooper, and the conductor of some of the show’s most popular and beloved storylines. Barton would depart in the third season of the series, with his character killed.

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Although the quality of the show was already considered to have declined prior to this date, Barton’s death resulted in an even more dramatic drop in Season 4 as the show did not regain any of the ratings it already had. lost. Ultimately, after Barton left, the show was canceled.

1 This’ 70s show took a double hit

Kelso and Eric talk about That 70s Show

It’s hard enough for a show to deal with the departure of a major actor, so two at the same time can devastate many promising productions. When Topher Grace, actor of the main character Eric, left This 70s showAshton Kutcher is also gone, depriving the series of another beloved character.

In an attempt to fill the void, the character of Randy was created. However, Randy’s character was stretched out trying to replace two very different characters with one, and he sparked audience disgust by being unreasonably loved by everyone around him to save storytelling time. While the finale is well regarded, much of the rest of the series went unappreciated by viewers.

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