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10 Things That Make No Sense In Modern Movie Marketing


Ever since there have been films, film marketing has existed. An entertainment medium doesn’t become one of the biggest industries without a lot of marketing, and multimillion-dollar projects don’t get funded without making deals with companies that want promotion in return.

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Cinematic marketing can be intrusive — trailers interrupt TV shows, giant billboards clutter city squares, advertisements plastered all over fountain tumblers — but it shows no signs of going away. Yet amid the onslaught of publicity, film marketing has its own unique quirks that it won’t let die. As such, many things about modern film marketing just don’t make sense.

ten The trailers seem to take almost as long as the movie

Not so long ago, even a big budget movie like The Fellowship of the Ring could have as little as three trailers ahead of it in theater. Now, trailers can add 20-30 minutes to a theatrical release, giving audiences another factor to consider when estimating a movie’s runtime.

These trailers are weird because most people don’t need to go to the movies to see them anymore. Trailers are available online the day they are released, ready to be discussed on movie blogs and comment threads. If a good movie trailer excites viewers, they can get it out much faster by sharing it online than telling their friends to go to the movies and watch it.

9 Movie titles are getting unwieldy

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness may have a lovely title, but movie bloggers probably wish it was simply called Strange doctor 2. In fact, as movies continue to spawn sequels and get split into parts, their titles are getting harder and harder to follow.

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For example, the sequel to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verseitself a rather long title, will be divided into two parts: Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse (Part One) and Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse (Part Two). It may be more of a creative decision than a marketing decision, but nonetheless, it makes it harder for audiences to remember which movie to watch next.

8 Trailers ruin everything

As trailers get longer, their editors add more footage. In this cramming, trailers often show scenes and plot points that the filmmakers intended as surprises.

This is especially common in comic book movies, with the Hulk reveal in Thor: RagnarokHarry’s return to Kingsman: The Golden Circleand the appearance of a character in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Perhaps the most egregious example of recent years is the revelation of Wolverine’s appearance in X-Men: Apocalypsewhich would have been a fantastic surprise for theatergoers.

A lot of money goes into movies, and some of that money comes from companies that want sponsorship and product placement deals. Showing James Bond drinking a Heineken is one thing, but batman versus supermanTurkish Airlines promotions are really weird.

In one of these promotions, Bruce Wayne addresses the camera and invites the viewer to come to Gotham City with a flight on Turkish Airlines, an airline that serves only twelve airports in the United States. When movie characters promote a product, it raises more questions about the movie world than audiences ever wanted to ask.

6 Marketing hides information the public should know

The trailers for Godzilla (2014) portrays Bryan Cranston as the film’s protagonist, which delights fans of breaking Bad at the height of its popularity. Unfortunately, Bryan Cranston’s character is actually killed off long before the halfway point. While some trailers give too much information about a movie, others simply mislead viewers.

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Downsizingwas marketed as a high-concept comedy, which likely put off fans who might have enjoyed the surreal philosophical drama. The marketing for 21 jump street relied heavily on nostalgia for the original show, while the film itself was meant to be entertaining as a standalone, and even joked about the idea of ​​a remake of the TV show. Fortunately, good word-of-mouth and critical praise saved 21 jump street.

5 Post-Credits Scenes Don’t Pay Off If You’re Not Marvel

Post-credits scenes have become a staple of modern big-budget films. dead Pool even mocks the audience for sticking around. The MCU popularized this trend, and other studios attempted to replicate the MCU’s success with their own post-credits scenes.

So far, however, only the MCU seems to have figured out how to create a post-credits scene to entice audiences to watch the next film. Meanwhile, Ghostbuster: Answer the Call, Justice League, X-Men: Apocalypse, The Wolverine, and Battleship not all of them delivered on the promise of their bonus scenes.

4 Movie trailers have teasers before the trailer

When the trailer for High-speed train plays online, viewers will notice that the actual trailer is preceded by a rapid countdown and an indecipherable flurry of clips. It’s a trend that studios have started to implement for trailers that play automatically. Since the viewer can skip the autoplay trailer after about five seconds, the “mini-trailer” that plays before the actual trailer ensures that the viewer gets at least a rushed and confusing preview of the film.

These pre-trailer teasers are usually more disruptive and disorienting than they’re worth. In the High-speed train For example, so many images scroll by with a countdown that even the most attentive viewers will have no idea what they just watched. Fans will likely skip the trailer to stop the noise.

3 So many movie posters look exactly alike

Almost any official franchise movie poster can be described as follows: a mix of character heads and tiny silhouettes with lots of bright blue and/or orange elements surrounding them (or a blue/orange filter over all the image). Each character also tends to look very serious.

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The floating head poster for the star wars special editions were exciting over 20 years ago, but today these posters are becoming stereotypical. The nadir of the current trend in posters was when the dark phoenix and Aladdin the posters drew mockery from Reddit for looking ridiculously similar to the Force awakens attach.

2 Blockbusters always produce merchandise for children, no matter how inappropriate they are

The toy industry has gotten tougher with intellectual property since the 80s and 90s – movies like police academy, Robotcopand The toxic avenger had action figure lines aimed at children, after all. Sometimes, however, films with decidedly unsuitable kid-friendly material still get Lego action figures, clothing and sets – and not just for the adult collector market.

Star Wars: Rogue Onefor example, is a very dark war movie in which most of the characters are killed off at the end. The Batman is perhaps the darkest and most violent Batman film to date. However, both movies have merchandise for kids, and the Lego Batcave made for the 2022 movie even comes with a violent criminal Riddler toy.

1 Marketers Don’t Understand Internet Humor

In 2006, Snakes on a plane waves inspired by memes, parody videos and songs. New Line Cinema thought that meant they had a hit on their hands and played along, adding the line concocted on the internet “I’m sick of these mothers ***** in the snakes on this mother * **** on the plane!” to the film and hosting a music video contest. Snakes on a plane underperformed, probably because making fun of it was more fun than going to see it. The industry should have learned its lesson with this and other failed attempts to flatter audiences online.

However, studios are still jumping on short-lived internet trains like NFTs and tiger king. In one of the wackiest recent examples, the box office bomb Morbius became a meme, with people jokingly praising the film and poking fun at fake video game covers. Sony, seeing the rise in online mentions for Morbius, thought the film might get a second chance at life and re-released it theatrically. Unfortunately, he bombed again.

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