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10 Movies And TV Shows You’ve Seen The Staircase Cast In


Fans of true crime dramas know that sometimes things aren’t what they seem, both in court and in front of the cameras. With true crime shows remaining popular over the years, HBO Max’s next release holds promise. The miniseries focuses on a widower who is accused of killing his wife after she falls down the stairs in their home.

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To portray the real people involved in the tragic event, The staircase includes newcomers and known actors that movie and TV fans will surely recognize.

Odessa Young – Shirley (2020)

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Elisabeth Moss and Odessa Young in Shirley

A relatively newcomer, audiences might recognize Odessa Young from films like The teacher and Assassination Nation. Most recently, Young starred in the drama Shirleywhere she and Logan Lerman play a young couple having an unsettling stay at the home of Shirley (Elisabeth Moss) and her husband Stanley (Michael Stuhlbarg).


In the HBO mini-series, the actress will play Martha Ratliff, one of the daughters of Michael Peterson (played by Colin Firth).

Sophie Turner – Game of Thrones (2011-2019)

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Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones

Before being cast in the new show, Sophie Turner was busy playing Sansa Stark in another HBO production, The iron Throne. Initially playing a naïve princess-to-be, Sansa’s fate abruptly changed, taking the character on a journey of growth, though some things about the Queen in the North have aged poorly.

In The staircaseTurner returns to the platform as Margaret Ratliff, Michael Peterson’s other daughter, directly involved in the family drama.

Toni Collette – At Knives Out (2019)

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Toni Collette in Knives Out

Toni Collette has an extensive filmography, and moviegoers will recognize her for a variety of roles. The Australian actor was part of projects such as The sixth sense, Little Miss Sun, Hereditaryand the last Guillermo del Toro alley of nightmares.

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Most notably, Collette played the opportunistic Joni, a suspect in the famous hit “thriller” Knives out. On the HBO show, the roles turned: Collette plays Kathleen, a victim of what was either an accident or a murder.

Tim Guinea – Homeland (2011-2020)

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Tim Guinee in Homeland.

TV fans will likely remember Tim Guinee for his role in Country. Along with Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin, Guinee played Scott Ryan, the head of special operations at the CIA.

Recently, the actor was also part of one of Netflix’s big miniseries, Invent Anna. Like Bill Peterson in The staircaseGuinee will play the brother of Michael Peterson, which places him in a complex situation since he is a lawyer.

Vincent Vermignon – Luther (one episode)

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Title image of Luther (BBC).

Vincent Vermignon is the newcomer to the cast, with The staircase being one of the first projects of his career.

The actor may not be very well known in the United States, but he has mainly acted in French films and participated in an episode of the BBC series. Luther. According to IMDb, Vermignon will play Jean-Xavier on the HBO Max show.

Michael Stuhlbarg – A Serious Man (2009)

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Michael Stuhlbarg is a familiar face to TV and movie fans. The actor has played several roles and his filmography includes movies like call me by your name and The shape of water. On television, he has appeared on shows such as Fargo and Boardwalk Empire.

In one of the Coen brothers’ most famous films, A serious man, Stuhlbarg plays a simple physics professor who finds himself embroiled in several incidents in typical Coen fashion. Joining the cast of the HBO series as Michael Peterson’s defense attorney, Stuhlbarg will play a starring role in the true-crime story.

Dane DeHaan – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

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dane dehaan green goblin

Dane DeHaan has played several supporting roles during his career. Alongside Ethan Hawke in the childhe embodies Billy The Kid and will also be one of the many actors of Christopher Nolan Oppenheimer.

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However, DeHaan is best known for playing Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, one of his first projects. In The staircaseDeHaan will play Michael Peterson’s son, Clayton, one of many involved in the family scandal.

Rosemarie DeWitt – Mad Men (2007-2015)

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Rosemarie DeWitt in Mad Men.

fans of Mad Men will recognize Rosemarie DeWitt from the famous AMC show. DeWitt played Midge, one of Don Draper’s romantic interests and a prominent character in Season 1.

As far as cinema is concerned, the actress has acted in dramas such as Rachel is getting married and Your sister’s sister. Curiously, in The staircaseshe will also play a sibling, Kathleen’s sister, Candace Zamperini, who will likely influence Michael Peterson’s trial.

Patrick Schwarzenegger – Moxie (2021)

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moxie - patrick schwarzenegger

The well-known surname of this actor is no coincidence. Like his father, Patrick Schwarzenegger began a career in Hollywood in action films. He was also part of Amy Poehler’s recent film, Moxiein which he plays a typical high school football player.

As Michael Peterson’s son, Todd, Schwarzenegger makes another interesting addition to the cast of The staircase.

Colin Firth – The Kingsman franchise (2014–present)

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Colin Firth in Kingsman

Colin Firth needs no introduction. Since the acclaim of his performance as Mr. Darcy in the BBC series Pride and Prejudice, the British actor starred in several successful films, playing various roles. Firth was a criminal in Before I go to beda king in The King’s Speecha grieving teacher A single manand spy Harry Hart, in the popular Kingsman movies.

As a main actor in The staircaseFirth will play Michael Peterson, promising to shine as the man who is at the center of the complicated tragedy. The staircase will premiere on HBO Max on May 5.

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