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10 Movies And TV Shows You’ve Seen The Cast Of Moonshot


When it comes to binge-watching, there are few things more frustrating than watching a movie or show and recognizing the actors, but not quite being able to place them. It’s easy to spend half the movie’s runtime falling down the rabbit hole of the cast list on the Internet Movie Database. Moon shot is no exception to this.

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Besides big-name recognition for actors like Cole Sprouse, Zach Braff, and Lana Condor, other cast members have previously had roles in popular streaming titles like street of fear and The White Lotus. This gives Moon shotThe cast of spans the spectrum of recognizability.


Sunita Deshpande (Heavenly)

Sema talk to another Daredevil character

Playing half of the shuttle couple, the main characters are introduced to Sunita Deshpande as Celeste. Celeste is Mars-centric, often to the detriment of her partner, Tabby. Surprisingly, Celeste ends up proposing to Tabby, becoming the excuse for a shuttle-wide dance party. While Deshpande doesn’t get a ton of screen time in Moon shothis calm character is good for laughs.

Deshpande is best known for her role as Seema Nadeem in season 3 of daredevil. Deshpande brings to life her character’s emotions about her husband and his involvement with Kingpin, as her plans to turn against Wilson Fisk and take down Kingpin results in the targeting of their family and the death of her husband.

Cameron Esposito (Tigray)

Greta Strobe smiles on the phone in A Million Little Things.

The other half of the shuttle couple, Cameron Esposito, laughs even more as Tabby, Celeste’s partner. Tabby isn’t as space-oriented as Celeste, but her head is a bit in the clouds. Clumsy, endearing, and hopelessly devoted to Celeste, Tabby is willing to go that far to support her partner.

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Cameron Esposito is a professional comedian whose work has been featured on several websites, podcasts, and TV specials. As for fictional series, Esposito was recently seen in season four of the drama series, A million little things. Playing the role of Greta Strobe, they added humor and heart while rekindling a childhood romance with lead character, Kathrine Saville.

Christine Adams (Jan.)

Black Lightning Dr Lynn Stewart

Fulfilling the role of Sophie’s mother figure in Moon shot is Christine Adams. With limited screen time, Jan’s appearances focus on centering the idea of ​​motherhood, mentorship, and positive female role models for Sophie. These moments reinforce the film’s message about the feelings and pressure felt when it comes to making and accomplishing life plans.

Playing an inspirational mother raising strong, empowered women is nothing new for Adams. Previously, she was seen as Lynne Pierce/Stewart, the ex-wife of Arrowverse’s Black Lightning, Jefferson Pierce, and mother to Anisa and Jennifer. Much like Adams’ role in Moonshot, his role in Black Lightning emphasized a combination of emotional comfort and intellectual leadership as a female role model.

Emily RuddGinny

Cindy Berman in Fear Street

As Walt’s one-night-only dream girl, Ginny is played by Emily Rudd. His slightly sardonic wit and quick retort increase a kinship with Walt which he interprets as a romantic interest, even as Ginny leaves for the Mars program the morning after the two meet. Walt’s passion for Mars inspires Ginny to take the risk and make the trip, even though she describes herself as commitment phobic.

Before playing Ginny, Rudd played Cindy Bergman in the second part of the street of fear series, echoing and subverting the trope of the horror movie‘s final girls. Its relatability in both films speaks to its versatility, as Moonshot’s quirkiness differs significantly from the darker tone of the horror film series.

Lukas GageDalton

Dillon looks scared in The White Lotus

Moon shot is full of thieves of champion shorts. These quick appearances play an important role in advancing the film’s plot and comedic pace. One of them is Dalton, Walt’s best friend. Even though Lukas Gage is only onscreen for a few moments, Dalton’s less than stellar pep talk to convince Walt to behave like a “normal person” set the events of the film in motion.

Gage’s turn as Dalton in Moon shot is much more family-friendly than his previous scene-stealing role as Dillion on HBO The White Lotus. Playing a resort employee whose boss flatters him, Gage made headlines after his explicit scene gave viewers a different kind of moonshot.

Mason GoodingCalvin

Mason Gooding plays Calvin, Sophie’s longtime boyfriend. On paper, he seems like the perfect guy. In fact, Sophie has a checklist, and Calvin ticks all the boxes. Unfortunately, Calvin’s long-term plans and goals don’t quite align with what he and Sophie had agreed upon.

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Previously, Gooding had been seen as the popular jock, Andrew, in Love, Victor. Andrew is very different from Calvin, allowing Gooding to show off his wide range of skills as he portrays the traditional sports-focused, badass persona to the much more emotionally open character of Victor. Gooding is also the son of Cuba Gooding Jr., which further explains his natural talent and flexibility when it comes to choosing characters.

Michelle ButeauCaptain Tarter

As Captain Tarter “my-dad-was-the-sauce,” Michelle Bateau follows his string of modern comedic roles. The Captain initially appears to be totally out of the loop and incompetent, letting stowaway Walt slip through his fingers without even an inking of his plan. Later, after revealing that she knew everything that was going on, thanks to Leon Kovi.

Boats specific style of character play is apparent not only in Moon shot but also in movies like Always be my maybe. In her role as Veronica, Allie Wong’s character’s best friend, Bateau’s brand of comedic physique and lack of filter replaces the audience’s external commentary on Wong’s denial.

Zach Braff (Leon Kovi)

Screenshot Scrubs JD Coat White

It’s not a space comedy without an eccentric billionaire out of touch with reality, and Moon shot fills that spot with Leon Kovi, played by Zach Braff. A bit morally ambiguous, focused on building his brand and making money, Leon Kovi thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room, and his ambition and ego feed off the comic dressing of the intelligence and Walt’s average.

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Braff is best known for his comedic chops, having starred as JD in Scrubs for nine seasons. His physical comedy highlighted the character’s clumsiness, and his multitude of facial expressions always reveal what the character is thinking. Braff’s talent lies in bringing to life characters who have no self-awareness, in a humorous way.

Lana CondorSophie

Lara John

Moon shotSophie is focused on her life goals and is a passionate planner. Her fear of flying keeps her physically grounded, but her plans are deeply rooted in her vision of success and achievement.

Lana Condor’s most famous role, as Lara Jean in To all the boys I’ve loved before, offers similarities between Sophie and Lara Jean, as both characters are smart but end up in situations where they have fake boyfriends. Condor manages to keep the two feelings different by removing Lara Jean’s sense of naivety and giving Sophie a focus on duty and responsibility. She has a great balance between playing tense and inflexible characters without letting them be unsympathetic.

Cole Sprouse (Walt)

Cole Sprouse Jughead Riverdale

Walt is Moon shotit’s everyone. He’s a clumsy, likeable, underachievers with big dreams that he can’t seem to make work for him. Cole Sprouse plays it in an easy to understand way and just a little above the best wacky way.

Sprouse is no stranger to excess. A former Disney Channel star, he redefined his career with his role as Jughead in Riverdale. While Walt is certainly weird, his level of weirdness pales in comparison to Jughead’s iconic “I’m a weirdo” persona. Sprouse shines in roles where his characters don’t quite fit in alongside their peers, and Moon shot is no exception.

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