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10 Movies And TV Shows You’ve Seen The Cast In


Having debuted a few weeks ago on Freevee, the crime comedy On springs received critical and public acclaim. The sitcom is set in the early months of the pandemic as a group of delinquents with petty crimes to their name are released and forced to readjust to a new life.

As Greg Garcia serves as showrunner, alumni from his previous shows are returning, especially cast members from Bringing Hope like Garret Dillahunt and Martha Plimpton. Other names include actors who have played major supporting roles in popular streaming titles.


ten Garret Dillahunt – Raising Hope (2010-2014)

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Garret Dillahunt plays protagonist Jack, a criminal who has served his sentence for two decades and now wishes to reform himself with a new opportunity. Dillahunt has appeared in supporting roles in awards season favorites such as No country for old men, Looper, and 12 years of slavery. However, he is more prevalent among viewers, especially in his Critics Choice nominated role in Bringing Hope.

The 2010s sitcom deals with coming of age a single father as he raises his daughter while his wife serves a life sentence. Dillahunt’s Burt is the titular baby’s paternal grandfather and is brimming with naive, optimistic energy.

9 Shakira Barrera – GLOW (2017-2019)

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Gloria, Jack’s ex-girlfriend and a con artist who grew up with a passion for scamming people, is played by Shakira Barrera. The actress is popular for playing Yolanda (aka the Junkchain wrestler) in GLOW (aka Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling).

The short-lived Netflix original comedy series parodied the state of women’s wrestling in the 1980s by dealing with the making of the titular show and the chaotic drama that followed. Introduced in season two, Shakira Barrera’s Yolanda plays a crucial role on the team as she enters into a relationship with fellow wrestler Arthie. This relationship forces both partners and the rest of the crew to rethink big life decisions.

8 Phillip Garcia – Criminal Minds (2005-2020)

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Jack’s cellmate Rooster is played brilliantly by Phillip Garcia. This isn’t Garcia’s first time playing a delinquent, however, as he appeared as the recurring character of convicted criminal Luis Delgado in Criminal minds.

The investigative crime thriller series starred Garcia as Luis Delgado, a suspected innocent criminal frightened by the life of a prisoner. Criminal minds sets itself apart from the usual batch of procedural crime shows by focusing more on criminals and their victims rather than the police-dominated main set. That’s why Garcia gets enough space to show off her dramatic prowess this time in multiple episodes.

seven Martha Plimpton – The Goonies (1985)

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Bringing Hope actress Martha Plimpton returns to On springs as Barb, the mother of one of the convicts. Prison comedies about reform benefit significantly from those family arcs that these characters conjure up and Plimpton certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The Emmy-winning actress from The good wife had her big break as a child actress with roles in iconic 80s comedies like The Goonies and Parenthood. The former is an adventure comedy that finds a gang of misfit children battling criminals for a 17th century pirate’s treasure featuring several future stars like Corey Feldman and Josh Brolin. Plimpton plays Stef, a high school student who unexpectedly joins the titular Goonies on their adventures.

6 James Earl – Scream Queens (2015-2016)

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An opportunistic con on the criminal set of Sprung, the character Melvin is played by James Earl who has had screen credits as Narcos: Mexico and evening school to his name.

Earl also had a starring role in Ryan Murphy’s black comedy series Scream Queens. The story unfolds around an elite college fraternity that witnesses chaos and violence when it opens its doors to everyone. Earl joins the cast of the slasher genre satire as a hospital worker who later uncovers dark secrets when a serial killer is on the loose. This is Earl’s second collaboration with Ryan Murphy as he also had a recurring role on Joy.

5 Kate Walsh – The Umbrella Academy (2019-)

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In addition to prisoners, On springs also includes characters in the upper reaches of administration such as MP Paula Tackleberry who is played by Kate Walsh.

In addition to playing a main character in Grey’s Anatomy, Walsh is a popular face associated with several popular Netflix original series such as Emily in Paris, 13 reasons whyand The Umbrella Academy. In the latter, she plays the Handler, the antagonistic leader of a time-traveling organization. His dramatic rivalry with Number Five adds to some pivotal scenes in the surreal superhero action-comedy.

4 Chris Bauer – The Devil (2017-2019)

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Thread former student Chris Bauer is invited in On springs like Stan. Although her character may have an indictment, Bauer has played several authority figures, particularly police detectives, on shows like American Crime Story, Law and Order, Unsolvedand Elementary. One of his recent starring roles included the period comedy series The devil.

Set in the emerging years of the American porn industry, The devil deals with the sleazy side of the business as well as character-specific arcs about sex workers and creative wannabes in the porn industry. In this context, Bauer emerged as one of the opportunistic leads, a construction worker who turns into a mob associate for a little extra cash.

3 Susan Ruttan – American Vandal (2017-2018)

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Susan Ruttan plays a guest character on On springs called Helen. The four-time Emmy nominee is a seasoned veteran of decades on television, best known for her time as the main cast of ’80s and ’90s legal drama. LA Law.

More recently, she was seen as the mother of the prime suspect in the mockumentary crime series. American Vandal. Both seasons of the Netflix original focused on a series of eccentric high school crimes (like causing massive diarrhea or drawing phallic pictures on all the teachers’ cars) and the students who passionately investigate the cases. For viewers who are tired of real crime shows and their cliches, they should definitely try American vandal.

2 David Wells – Ratchet (2020-)

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David Wells is another of the many guest stars of On springs. Playing both positive and sinister roles, the character actor played a clergyman in at least four appearances, including Shameless, Freddie, demon hunter, and most recently the Netflix psychological thriller Ratched.

The series serves as a prequel to Flight over a cuckoo’s nest as it focuses on the twisted life of the titular nurse before she takes over the asylum in the 70s classic. Appearing in the pilot episode, Wells’ Father Murphy is one of the unfortunate murdered pastors of composure in the shocking opening scene.

1 Mark Christopher Lawrence – Afraid of a Black Hat (1994)

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Guest starring as Hank’s character, Mark Christopher Lawrence joins the set of On springs in the seventh episode. With popular titles like Terminator 2 and The pursuit of happiness to his name, a major highlight of his career has to be the underrated musical satire Afraid of a black hat.

Parodying rap groups such as NWA and Run DMC, the film revolved around a journalist and her pursuit of such a rap collective. As she captures their eccentric artistic behavior on camera, the group also performs iconic parody songs. Lawrence joins the team as Tone-Deaf, a DJ who can scratch records with his butt.

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