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10 forgotten reality TV shows that deserve a second chance


The world of reality TV is vast. There are shows ranging from everyday life as a parent to the excitement of being a celebrity to game shows and beyond. The funny thing is that once a reality show turns out to be a success, various spinoffs or similar themes from the shows are replicated. However, with so many reality TV shows, the competition is tough and they don’t always survive the first season.

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For some shows, they were simply released ahead of time. There are a few that didn’t last into the early 2000s but would do extremely well into 2021. The beauty of reality TV is that it’s not always realistic but it’s definitely entertaining, and some shows deserve a comeback.

ten Boy Meets Boy (2003)

Split Image For Former Boy Meets Boy Reality TV Show

Boy meets boy was released in 2003 on the Bravo network. The premise of the show was similar to all seasons of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette but revolved around homosexuals. The single man looking for love was James Getzlaff and he had 15 men to choose from.

The kicker of this show was that a few straight men were thrown into the group. If James chose a straight man as his one and only, James would lose money while the cash prize went to the straight man. While in 2021 there is no need for twists and turns in this regard, a gay version of The single person or The bachelorette is still needed.

9 Superior design (2007)

Promotional image for Top Design on Bravo

There are design contests from all walks of life on TV these days. From costume design to hairstyle to fashion, this artistic world is fun to watch for those interested. After the success of Excellent chef, Bravo released another competition show called Superior design. Instead of revolving around food, Superior design focused on interior design.

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Each week, candidates were given assignments based on their talents, but challenges were scattered throughout. The series ran for two seasons, but with the rise of renovation and interior design, it’s a show that deserves a second chance.

8 The Simple Life (2003)

Paris Hilton was a global icon in the early 2000s. She was a model, heiress and even appeared on TV shows like Supernatural. At the time, Nicole Richie was Paris Hilton’s best friend and a socialite who made the cover of every magazine. To put these two rich girls to the test, a reality show called Simple life was freed which placed Paris and Nicole in places across America unlike anything they had experienced before.

From farm work to Wal-Mart for the first time, this show was utterly hilarious. And while the ladies have evolved in their lives (and their friendship), a spin-off of this show with new socialites would be hilarious.

7 Best funeral ever (2013)

Best Funeral Promotional Image for TLC

Best funeral ever It sounds as shocking as it sounds, which is why it would make a big TV comeback. It’s not a reality show that wins awards for one person, it’s a show that adds humility and humor around death.

Shown on TLC, Best funeral ever presented a family-run funeral home called Golden Gate Funeral Home, known for its high quality funerals. Each episode showed different funerals and how the family had planned them. There was everything from theater to tears to a lot of love. And since it only lasted for two seasons, something like it might work for television today.

6 In pursuit of Maria Menounos (2014)

Maria plays basketball with her husband on Chasing Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos is a woman who wears several hats. She was a former WWE wrestler, actress, and longtime television host. She’s been everywhere and done it all, which makes her the perfect star of a reality TV show.

His show In pursuit of Maria Menounos only lasted one season, but fans would have no objection to it coming back to air. She and her longtime boyfriend, Kevin Undergaro, are now married, working on having a baby, and she is still working in front of the TV. It’s been seven years since the show aired so it would be fun to get it back.

5 Just Jillian (2016)

Promotional image of Just Jillian with Jillian Michaels

Just Jillian was a family-friend reality show that showed personal trainer and exercise mogul Jillian Michaels as she navigated her eventful career, marriage to Heidi Rhoades and their two children.

The series showed a new side of Jillian that people have never seen before. Sadly, that only lasted for one season on E! Network. However, since the show ended, Jillian and Heidi have divorced, she’s dating someone new, and it would be fun to see what she’s been up to in terms of work since the show ended.

4 Newlyweds (but with a new couple) (2003)

In 2003, MTV Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica released and gave fans a new side of pop sensations, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. After getting married in 2002, the show focused on their life as newlyweds and their life together. The show unintentionally got hilarious due to Jessica’s raw reactions to everyday things.

As reality TV singers, Jessica and Nick’s musical careers became incredibly popular, but their marriage broke down. After three seasons, the series ended and Jessica and Nick divorced. But even if they’ve divorced, MTV could do so with another newly engaged couple who are in the limelight.

3 Date With My Mother (2004)

Split image for MTV's Date My Mom

Go out with my mother It sounds like a weird concept, but it actually had a smart message. The reality show even spread to the UK. The show started off with one person who had to go on one-on-one dates with three women. These women had daughters or sons that they wanted in their relationships.

Moms basically taught the suitor everything about their child (without saying too much), so they pick their final winner based on how they were with mum. The series ran for four seasons, but it would be fun to pick it up again.

2 The Ashlee Simpson Show (2004)

Split Image For Ashlee Simpson Show With Ashlee Simpson

Around the same time Newly weds aired on MTV, the network also did a show focusing on Jessica Simpson’s younger sister, Ashlee. Like Jessica, Ashlee was also a singer and performer. The Ashlee Simpson Show followed Ashlee as she made her new record, dated, and essentially lived in the spotlight of her sister.

It’s been 17 years since the show came out and a lot has changed for Ashlee. He’s a celebrity people often forget, even having a reality show. She is now married to Diana Ross’ son, Evan Ross, and has three children. A reality show about her life today would be a fun follow-up.

1 Harry Loves Lisa (2010)

Harry Loves Lisa - TV Land reality show

With Lisa Rinna being a star on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a follow-up to his short-term reality TV show Harry loves Lia would be great for the fans.

The show followed their lives as a couple, as Hollywood workers and as parents. The show only lasted six seasons, but it’s time to cry out for a comeback now that Rinna is so popular.

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