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10 controversial comedic arcs that would always make great movies


DC doesn’t have exactly the same movie success as Marvel. The odd thing is that DC is very successful in the animation market, where they are known to turn their best stories into epic animated films. DC has some incredible stories under its belt, so there is a plethora of stories that DC could adapt to live-action movies like it has for its animated films.

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While there are a lot of great stories to adapt, there are some comics that weren’t exactly imposed on fans that would still make great adaptations, creating some memorable films that could rival Marvel.

ten The Doomsday Clock is full of cool ideas and great action scenes

End of the world clock has a checkered heritage among DC fans. The book’s delays kept it from being as important as it could have been otherwise, and Alan Moore’s utter hatred for any sequel to Watchmen made a lot of people rather unhappy. The story has a lot of interesting ideas and some amazing action scenes that would lend themselves well to filming.

Moviegoers wouldn’t care as much about Moore’s sentiment on the issue and just see the story for what it is. It would provide the spectacle a movie needs and introduce ideas to the DCEU that one could play with for years to come.

9 The time has come for a film about convergence

The New 52 was unlucky when it came to event books and Convergence was probably the worst of the whole lot. While her connections were pretty good, the main book was a mess that few fans appreciated. With the MCU’s success with multiverse stories like Loki and What if…?, a Convergence the movie could be exactly what the doctor ordered to compete.

DC has always been a master of the multiverse, so a story that focuses on that would be great for a movie. Convergence has it all and could show the general public the extent of the DC Multiverse.

8 The Dark Knight Strikes Again has many strengths that would make a great movie

Batman in The Dark Knight Strikes Again Comic

The return of the dark knight is known as one of the greatest Batman stories of all time. Its sequel, The dark knight strikes again, has a much lesser reputation, but it’s better than it’s been credited with in many ways. It’s expanding into the big DC Universe, an approach that just might do the trick for a movie.

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The story has the grand spectacle and bombast to grab attention in the multiplex and would give readers a glimpse into how future versions of DC’s heroes, many of whom are shattered by time and their experiences, cope. to an old threat.

7 Superman At World’s End has what it takes for a movie

Superman at the end of the world is one of DC’s least-loved Elseworlds comics, but that doesn’t mean moviegoers wouldn’t get into it. Set in a dystopian future where Superman is nearly powerless and pitted against Hitler’s twin clones, the story has all the right kinds of exhilaration that movie audiences crave. It has all the subtlety of a hammer, but it’s fine with a movie.

While the comic might be vaguely ridiculous, it’s actually a bit normal for superhero movies. The MCU has proven itself in films that have never heard of subtlety and embraced the show, which is exactly the sort of thing that would work wonders in a Superman at the end of the world movie.

6 Justice League: Darkseid’s War put the Justice League in a battle between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor

Justice League: War of the Darkseids has a lot of problems. Thrilled to be a battle between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor, he mainly focused on Grail’s machinations to get revenge on Darkseid for the treatment he inflicted on his mother and focused very little on the actual battle of the titans under which it was sold. While this might not sound great for a movie, it could still work.

A Darkseid War the movie might still beat the same story beats, but because fans weren’t excited about a massive battle between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor, the Bait and the Switch won’t seem so blatant.

5 Batman: I Am Gotham Would Show A More Superheroic Side Of Batman

Tom King has told some amazing stories during his career as a comic book writer, but most fans were pretty lukewarm about a lot of his Batman Course. This includes the opening story, Batman: I am Gotham. The story sees Batman taking two new superheroes, Gotham and Gotham Girl, under his wing and playing more on the superhero aspects of Batman.

The story was a bit of a departure for comic book fans when it was released, and even feels tonally different from what King did afterwards. As a standalone superhero movie, however, it would work much better and give moviegoers a glimpse of a Batman they rarely see, Batman the Superhero.

4 Justice League: The Extinction Machines Presents What The Justice League Does Best


While most of the DC Rebirth titles are considered comebacks for the DC Universe, Justice League does not have that reputation. Writer Bryan Hitch has eschewed the traditional superhero dynamics of earlier versions of the book for the Justice League to fight against all manner of world-destroying aliens and catastrophes. The fans weren’t great in that direction and it started in the first story.

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Extinguishing machines didn’t resonate too much with comic book fans but would make a great movie. It captures the greatness of the Justice League and while there isn’t a huge villain, he doesn’t really need one and would make a cool superhero disaster flick.

3 Heroes in Crisis would make an interesting superhero murder mystery

Heroes in Crisis Justice League Harley Quinn Booster Gold

Superhero murder mysteries are fairly common in the comics, but not so much in superhero movies. One way to change which would be to adapt Hero in Crisis. The comic has its detractors, but it’s not as bad as some think and would actually make a great movie.

For starters, Harley Quinn is one of the main characters in the book, and any chance to see Margot Robbie in Harley is one that should be seized. The story deals with the mental issues of superheroes and while there are definitely some things that would have to be tweaked to make the story work for a movie, it’s still a sufficient premise for a great movie.

2 Attack of the Amazons! Isn’t a good comic but could make a good movie

Attack of the Amazons! is considered one of the worst DC events of the 21st century, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make a good movie. Pitting the Amazons against the U.S. military and superheroes to free Wonder Woman from government custody, the story hasn’t gone anywhere in the comics, but it’s just crazy enough to make a cool movie.

Movie buffs got to see the Amazons in battle and know what kind of awesome force they can be. Developing that and pitting them against superheroes and the government would make an exciting popcorn flick that fans would love.

1 The final crisis is complicated but rewarding

Final crisis is Grant Morrison’s magnum opus DC and, as such, is no easy tale. It goes far beyond a traditional superhero tale, acting as a meta-story that incorporates themes from all of Morrison’s work and DC history into a massive epic. While it’s almost certainly too complicated for fans of superhero movies, it could still work like a superhero movie.

There are so many layers to Final crisis and you can focus on a part of it, like the battle against Darkseid, and make an amazing movie, that would forever change the way fans watch superhero movies.

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